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Top Questions Asked

Why do I pay annual fees and when are they due?

When the developer created this subdivision, the concept was the maintenance of assets common to Eagle Ridge (perimeter fencing, entrance gates, tower and walkways) is a key part of creating value for every homeowner. To fulfill this obligation, restrictive covenants were placed on every property that legally mandates all homeowners to pay an annual fee, the proceeds of which are used to maintain those common assets. Maintenance includes painting, landscaping, removal of graffiti as well as both minor and major repair.

They are due on January 1st of each year.

For more information refer to Annual Fees.

What are the Roofing Materials?

The following stone-coated steel products have been approved for use:

1. Metro Roof Products Metro-Shake II Classic in Charcoal, Birch, or Weathered Timber colour.
Sample roofs in the charcoal colour may be viewed in Eagle Ridge at 497 and 507 Heffernan Drive. A sample in the weathered timber colour may be viewed at 8 Loyola Place, St. Albert.

2. Gerard in a Tile Profile in Barcelona or Country Blend colours.
Sample roofs in the Barcelona colour may be viewed in Eagle Ridge at 921 Heacock Road, or at two other homes in Edmonton at 1381 Carter Crest Road and 74 Cormack Crescent.  Sample roof in the country blend colour may be viewed in Eagle Ridge at 910 Heacock Road.

3.   Euroshield (euroshieldroofing.com)Beaumont Shake, Ranchland Shake, Vermont Slate, Vermont Slate HP, Rundle Slate in colors of driftwood and brown, black and grey.
(Section 3.1 Roof Material amended January 11, 2010 as approved by the Board on January 7, 2010. And further amended April 9, 2022 as approved by the Board on April 5, 2022).

Any additional roofing products and/or colours must be approved by the Board of ERHA prior to installation.  All roof stacks, flashings, etc. are to be painted out to match roof colour. All fascia board ends are to be cut within 10 degrees of vertical and are to be a minimum of 12” deep. Rainwater leaders, eaves troughs and fascias should match the trim colour as selected. Overhangs on upper levels are recommended to be 1” to 1’-6”, and on lower levels are to be 2’.

For full guidelines please click here

What are the colours for Fence Stain and where can I get them?

Cascade Pewter:  Deep Base 06801 - B3-C1y-F8  per gal
Cascade Ebony:  Clear Base 06804 - B13y per gallon

My Favourite Paint Store (Riverbend Square) has the colours on file as Amherst Gray  HC167 and Black (custom match) ER #2 - 780-436-9034
Dulux Terra Losa has the colours on file as Eagle Ridge Gray and Eagle Ridge Black - 780-452-0141

Where to store City of Edmonton garbage bins?

ERHA does not have a by-law but we recommend behind fence or in the garage.

According to the By-Law 14600 from the City of Edmonton:

12.1 A person shall not place, cause or permit to place any litter, garbage, waste, refuse or any other waste material upon the privately owned property of another person.

2.2 A person shall not set out waste for collection at any front yard or curbside collection location before 4:00 p.m. on the day before the collection date.

12.3 A person shall not leave waste containers at any front yard or curbside collection location later than noon of the date after the collection date.

12.4 A person shall not store waste containers in the front yard or at any location other than a location between the line established by the front wall of the residence and the rear property line.

Read the complete City of Edmonton By-Laws 14600 here.

Where can the sump pump hose drain?

Sump pumps MUST drain on to your own property a minimum of 15 cm from any adjacent property, and a minimum of 30 cm from City property or right-of-way (Paragraphs 7 (b) & (c) of City of Edmonton bylaw 18093). Water CANNOT run onto sidewalks, walkways or other common areas. This creates slippery surfaces (water, mud, ice) and homeowners may be fined and may also be liable for injuries incurred on slippery sidewalks if their sump pump drains onto it. City of Edmonton policy with respect to sump pumps is covered by three documents: the current Drainage Bylaw, the Residential Lot Grading Guidelines, and the Lot Grading Issues document.

Eagle Ridge was fully developed before 2006 when the City began requiring subsurface water collected from the weeping tile to be connected into the City provided Storm Sewer service connection - which developers were subsequently required to provide on each new property. A sump pump however, is part of a building’s foundation drainage system and has been a requirement since 1988. Sump pump discharges hoses and/or splash pads must be used to prevent recirculation of subsurface water down the foundation wall, to minimize erosion, and to make certain the sump pump discharge complies with the Drainage Bylaw. If a sump pump discharge hose is used, it should be disconnected in the winter to prevent freezing in the hose. (Residential Lot Grading Guidelines page 20).

If homeowners encounter situations where, even in winter, a sump pump runs very frequently, causing concerns about City sidewalk icing from frequent discharge, page 10 of the Lot Grading Issues document describes how to resolve the icing problem. The City can offer homeowners a seasonal (indoor) connection permit, at no cost to the homeowner, for temporary relief during the winter months allowing the sump pump to be temporarily connected, in the basement of the home, to the sanitary sewer service. Once a homeowner has obtained such a permit, a licensed plumber will be prepared to make this seasonal, temporary connection (at the homeowners cost) for any home affected by this issue. Such a permit can be obtained by calling City of Edmonton Drainage service at 780-496-5576.

If homeowners encounter concerns about drainage or sump pump discharge on adjacent properties, the best practice for addressing these issues is to have a polite discussion with adjacent homeowners identifying the issue in an effort to positively explore solutions that are consistent with the City Drainage Bylaw and Guidelines and the ERHA restrictive covenant. Should repeated attempts to resolve this fail, (or any other similar issues with neighbouring property owners), homeowners can report any violations of City bylaws or policies to bylaw enforcement at 311 or report any violations of the ERHA restrictive covenant to a member of the ERHA Board.”

For complete information on Sump Pump, please click here.

Parking and storage of RV, Boats, Trailers, and Oversized Vehicles?

Recreation vehicles and commercial vehicles in excess of 3/4 ton capacity shall not be stored on any property for more than 48 hours unless in a garage.

2.3.5 No recreational vehicles or trailers shall be parked or kept on any Subdivided Lot (unless inside a garage) for more than forty-eight (48) hours, without the prior written approval of the Approving Authority.

For more details download Appendix "A" of Bylaws: Restrictive Covenants

Storage of tires, yard equipment, barrels, boxes

To maintain the appearance of the neighbouhood, these items should be stored inside the garage or behind your fence.

Please refer to Edmonton.ca for Nuisance Conditions.

Who gives the Board the authority to enforce the Bylaws, Restrictive Covenants and Architectural Guidelines of ERHA?

As mentioned on ARTICLE XVI Enforcement of Restrictive Covenant and Encumbrance Agreement (Schedule "A"), Approved May 15, 2019:

16.01 Enforcement of Restrictive Covenant and Encumbrance Agreement (Schedule "A”)
a) The Board, in the exercise of its duties under section 4.02 is hereby authorized to: 

I. Identify Restrictive Covenant and Encumbrance Agreement infractions to the property owner or owners in writing;

II. Specify the action or actions to be taken by the property owner or owners to terminate their violation of the Restrictive Covenant and Encumbrance Agreement and to comply with its terms;

III. Specify any remediation action that may be required by the property owner or owners arising from their breach of the Restrictive Covenant and Encumbrance Agreement;

IV. Specify the time frame  within which the required actions or remediations by the property owner or owners in breach must be completed;

V. Retain legal counsel to provide such advice or assistance with respect to the enforcement of the Restrictive Covenant and Encumbrance Agreement with the Board or the Association may require;

VI. In accordance with Section 4.0.2(n)(iii) of these Bylaws, the Board may: 

1. impose on a property owner or owners in breach of theRestrictive Covenant and Encumbrance Agreement an administrative fee of $250.00 for any and all of the steps taken by the Board pursuant to Section 16.01(a) for each instance of the breach;

2. recover from a property owner or owners in breach of the Restrictive Covenant and Encumbrance Agreement, for each instance of such breach, all legal fees, disbursements and other costs incurred by the Board of the Association for advice and assistance in connection with enforcement of the Restrictive Covenant and Encumbrance Agreement.

Do I have to follow any Renovation Guidelines?

There are specific roofing materials, exterior finishes, etc. that abides by the guidelines as outlined in the Architectural Guidelines and Bylaws of the Association. Please be aware of these. If you have questions or are planning an exterior redesign or product change that is not clearly identified in the guidelines, please contact the Board. Failure to comply may result in the homeowner being required to remove product and redo according to the bylaws.

It is the responsibility of the Homeowner to know what product/design is permitted. Many renovation and home building companies do not necessarily comply with the guidelines of ERHA.

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