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Residents of the Eagle Ridge Community, don't forget that annual fees are due.
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Get to know ERHA

ERHA represents the homeowners of Eagle Ridge. All homeowners are required to become part of the Homeowners Association and are obligated to pay the annual dues of the association.

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This is our mission


We encourage a safe, friendly and active neighbourhood by providing support and services that promote family and community. We advocate to represent the needs and interests of the community’s members.


As we believe that communication is a key part for a friendly and active neighbourhood, we send out seasonal newsletter and importante updates to each resident of the Eagle Ridge Community.


We encourage a safe community where neighbours look out for one another. Enhanced lighting on pathways and streets, connecting with EPS and reporting unusual activities are all part of our goal for a safe community.

Neighbourhood Watch

neighbourhood watch

The Board of ERHA has supported the initiation of the Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch (ENW) Program in Eagle Ridge.  I welcome interested neighbours to assist in forming a small group to spearhead initiatives in the neighbourhood.  All neighbours will be encouraged to participate in whatever way is appropriate and comfortable for them.

Over the coming months, I will introduce some of the programs Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch offers, including signage for homes and streets.

I encourage all neighbours to be watchful.  Know your neighbours!  Introduce yourself to people in the area or people you meet on your walks.  Recognize who might not “belong”.

If you see suspicious activity, unknown vehicles ‘cruising or parking’ on your street or in a cul de sac, unknown individuals hanging around, vehicle break-ins or attempted break-ins (even if nothing is stolen) or vandalism, report it!  


The Edmonton Police Service has a crime map that is viewable.  Our area typically has very little - but if it isn’t reported, it isn’t recorded.  ENW has shown that communities with Neighbourhood Watch have a higher reporting rate and a decrease in crime. Criminals don’t like Neighbourhood Watch communities!

EDMONTON NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH (ENW) has an excellent Awareness Campaign on their website, as well as Facebook and Twitter pages, that are valuable resources for crime prevention information and tips (for home, vehicle, travel, storage, cyber security, senior security…all the areas of your life!)

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns…or to volunteer!


Important Announcements

Do you have anything important or urgent to announce to yourcommunity? Submit your request on the form in your Account or through the Contact Us page.

Senior Safety and Fraud Prevention Workshop

Presented by Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch in collaboration with Eagle Ridge Neighbourhood Watch Group and The Ridge Community League

Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is dedicated to allow residents of the Eagle Ridge Community to post jobs and volunteering opportunities.

ERHA Homeowners do you have a service to offer?  A service you need?  A volunteer opportunity?

Apply to Help
Please note: Only residents of the ERHA are able to submit an application.
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