October 2023

Fall 2023

2023-2024 Board

President:  Leon Pfeiffer

Vice President: Gary Biasini

Secretary:  Doug Lewis

Treasurer:  Nancy Muzyka

Administrator:  Sheyleen Pfeiffer

Members:  Bill Teeple, Cathy Fuhr, Bob Forgie

Upcoming Events:


Our next Big Bin Day will be on Saturday, October 14, 2023 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Henderson Park.
*No electronics household appliances, and batteries.


October 16, 2023
November 13, 2023


Invoice - Dec 1/23
Due - Jan 1/24


All Homeowners have been invited to join the new website. We have new features that are accessible only to homeowners in Eagle Ridge - but you must sign up! Information (including bylaws and architectural guidelines are easily accessed, as well as links to community sites (EPS, ETS, City of Edmonton). You also have opportunity to advertise for a service -or offer a service - in the community (i.e. snow removal) on Bulletin Board.

If you need assistance, please contact email@erhaweb.com and we will be happy to help!


SUMP PUMPS: Sump pumps MUST drain on to your own property. City of Edmonton Bylaw 16200. Water CANNOT run onto sidewalks, walkways or other common areas. This creates slippery surfaces (water, mud, ice) and homeowners can and will be fined. **Sump pumps should not be attached to eavestrough downspouts. Homeowners are liable for injuries incurred on slippery sidewalks if their sump pump drains on to it.

RENOVATION GUIDELINES: There are specific roofing materials, exterior finishes, etc. that abide by the guidelines as outlined in the Architectural Guidelines and Bylaws of the Association (Section 3.0 and 4.0). Please be aware of these. If you have questions or are planning an exterior redesign or product change that is not clearly identified in the guidelines, please refer to the website and, if unable to find the information you need, contact the Board. Failure to comply may result in the homeowner being required to remove product and redo according to the bylaws. It is the responsibility of the Homeowner to know what product/design is permitted. Many renovation and home building companies do not necessarily comply with the guidelines of ERHA.

If you plan to have a dumpster, storage container, etc. on your driveway, please notify the board (erha-web.com) with the planned duration. They cannot be left indefinitely.

Construction debris, unwanted items, garbage, etc. cannot be left on the driveway or in vehicles on the driveway for any extended period.

Consider your neighbours - and the aesthetics of the neighbourhood - as you undertake renovations. Garbage and debris should be regularly removed.

FENCE: ERHA has undertaken to maintain the public facing portions of the fence along Rabbit Hill Road and Riverbend Road.

HOMEOWNERS must notify the Board if they intend to remove perimeter fence for any reason. If approved, the fence must be reinstalled in the condition in which is was found. The Homeowner will be responsible for any repairs.

SIGNAGE: No signage - including election, real estate, business, etc. - is permitted on the perimeter fence.

ROOFING: Refer to Architectural Guidelines

3.1 on website for further information.


Untreated cedar shakes, cement tile, certain stone-coated steel products and fabricated rubber product as indicated below:

  1. Metro Roof Product Metro-Shake II in Charcoal, Birch or Weathered Timber.
  2. Gerard in a Tile Profile in Barcelona or Country Blend colours.
  3. Euroshield Beaumont Shake, Ranchland Shake, Vermont Slate, Vermont Slate HP, Rundle Slate in colours of dark or light brown, black and dark gray.

No asphalt products are permitted. If you are interested in a product or colour not listed, please contact the Board prior to installation for approval.

PARKING: Recreation Equipment and Commercial Vehicle Parking:

Recreation vehicles and commercial vehicles in excess of 3/4 ton capacity shall not be stored on any property for more than 48 hours unless in a garage. For more details see Appendix "A" of Bylaws: Restrictive Covenants, 2.3.5.

“2.3.5 No recreational vehicles or trailers shall be parked or kept on any Subdivided Lot (unless inside a garage) for more than forty-eight (48) hours, without the prior written approval of the Approving Authority.”

Please remember that your neighbours may have visitors, caregivers or trades requiring street parking. It is appreciated when your vehicles are in your garage or on your driveway! Vehicles can be ticketed if they are parked across sidewalks or obstruct driveways. The neighbourhood looks nicer when it doesn’t resemble a ‘used car lot’! Please be courteous.

GARBAGE: All homeowners in Eagle Ridge have received the roll-out bins. Please remember that lids must be fully closed for pick up. This also prevents birds from pulling garbage out as well! They should be stored out of sight of the roadway (garage or behind fence). WasteWise app is a great resource!

TREES: It has been noted that many trees in the area are requiring pruning. Damage incurred by fallen branches and/or trees on neighbouring fences and homes is the responsibility of the offending homeowner! Branches leaning on fences (including perimeter fences) are responsibility of homeowner. They must be cleared. There are many reputable arborists in the Edmonton area.

BLACK KNOT FUNGUS: This fungus is noted on many trees in the area. It will infect neighbouring trees if left untreated. Extensive pruning in the early spring or in the fall will help prevent spread and save trees. The City of Edmonton cleared many branches in the late spring in Henderson Park. Thank you to neighbours who have dealt with it in their yards. If you have black knot on trees in your yard, please have the offending branches removed so that it does not continue to spread.

Elm trees can only be pruned between October 1 and March 31. Plan accordingly!

Consult a reputable arborist for advice and treatment or removal.

EAGLE RIDGE TOWER: - the original masonry company was contacted to assess the tower and make repairs due to leaking in the foundation. This work was carried out in May and July and sealant, liquid concrete and flashing have been applied. There were some brick fence posts that also required attention, and Bombini Brothers have made those repairs.

GRAFFITI on fence posts was dealt with by ERHA Board and the City of Edmonton Clean Up program. Please remember to report any property damage. The graffiti that remains on the Epcor and utility boxes is to be attended to by the companies that own that property.

BIG BIN DAY - OCTOBER 14, 2023 10 am - 2 pm at Henderson Park. Homeowners who are in good standing with the HOA in Eagle Ridge and River Ridge communities are invited to use the Big Bin Day as an opportunity to clear out unwanted household items that cannot be set out for regular garbage pick up. NO electronics, TV’s, oils, paints or chemicals. Large metal objects should go to the Eco Center for recycling.


Place material in double-ply paper bags (roll closed) or see-through plastic bags (tie closed). Tie branches into bundles less than 1.2 m (4 ft) long and 0.75 m (2.5 ft) in diameter. Place next to yard waste bags.

Keep bags light. Make sure bags are lighter than 20 kg (44 lb) and packaged in a way that is safe and easy for your collector to lift.

There is no limit to the number of bags you can set out for yard waste collection.

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Information and brochures will be available at Big Bin Day. If you are interested in becoming involved, be sure to check in at the table or contact Nancy - Community Ambassador via email@erha-web.com. Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch has been undergoing some administrative restructuring and some projects have been deferred until the central staff positions are filled! So, continue to watch for updates on The Door Sticker Program and Senior Safety programs. We have requested, and will be receiving, Neighbourhood Watch signage in the area. The City of Edmonton has approved the placement of 4 signs in Henderson Estates. Reach out to the Community Ambassador if you have questions or concerns!


There have been attempted break ins at the Tower. Photos of young people attempting a break in were distributed from an attempt earlier in the summer. We did not receive any feedback from the community. So far they have not been able to breach the tower, but have damaged the deadbolt lock and the door handle. The initial attempt did minimal damage but there continued efforts have resulted in considerable damage and we will need to pay to have a locksmith come to address it. These are costly incidents.

There have also been reported incidents of unusual activity in Henderson Park. EPS has responded to two incidents that we are aware of. There has been no further information provided to ERHA Board or Neighbourhood Watch.

We strongly advise all homeowners to report any suspicious activity, thefts, etc. to EPS.

If it is a non-emergency, call 780-423-4567 or #377 or report a crime online at edmontonpolice.ca.

If it is an emergency or life-threatening situation call 911


FENCE: Limited work was done on a few walkways - repairs, staining and metal collars to prevent further bird damage. We paused perimeter fence work when an unfortunate and disturbing incident occurred with the fence behind Eagle Ridge Point, involving a deer. The Boards of ERHA, Eagle Ridge Point and Eagle Ridge Place are working collaboratively to find a solution to eliminate the sharp points on the black iron fence.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: The bold fire season across Canada brought to light the importance of being prepared in the event of a disaster in the area.

The Office of Emergency Management ensures that the City of Edmonton is prepared for, can respond to, and can recover from a disaster or major emergency.

During a disaster or emergency, the City of Edmonton is a great place to stay up-to-date by checking out their Facebook or Twitter accounts, the City website, or by phoning 311.

Listen to local radio, television or social media.

Sign up to receive Alberta Emergency Alerts to keep you informed of potential risks to your health, safety or community.

The City of Edmonton website has many links including what to have in a “Home Kit”.


As approved at the AGM, the trees at the entrance Henderson Street have had new white LED lights installed. Light Heroes did the installation in July/August. The lights will be on a timer from approximately 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm beginning a little later in the fall.


We have seen increasing numbers of coyotes on neighbourhood walkways, in Henderson Park, and along Heffernan Drive in the last couple years. Deer have also been seen walking in the area and in yards.

Coyotes and deer can jump yard fences! Small animals (cats and dogs) are prey for coyotes.

It is advised that all neighbours check in and around their property for signs of areas of settling - under stairs, bay windows, etc. where an opening might be created. A coyote established a den under front steps of a house on Heacock this spring.

DO NOT FEED wild animals. If you witness anyone leaving food out for any wild animals, please contact Alberta Fish and Wildlife.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife - Edmonton district office: 780-427-3574.

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