May 2024

Spring 2024

2023-2024 Board

President:  Leon Pfeiffer

Vice President: Gary Biasini

Secretary:  Doug Lewis

Treasurer:  Nancy Muzyka

Administrator:  Sheyleen Pfeiffer

Members:  Bill Teeple


Sunday - May 5, 2024 - 1:00 pm


Our next Big Bin Day will be on Saturday, May 25, at 10:00 am, 2024 at the Henderson Park. Shredder will be available.

ERHA AGM           

The AGM Meeting will be on WEDNESDAY MAY 29, 2024 at 7:00 pm.
Location: Riverbend Library


All residents of Eagle Ridge are encouraged to purchase a Community League Membership


We would appreciate receiving e-mail addresses so that we can provide occasional e-mail notification of important information ( meetings, Big Bin dates, EPS alerts, etc.). Please contact us at:


Annual fees are used for the up keep and maintenance of the Eagle Ridge subdivision. Landscaping of medians and entrances, repairs and replacement of lighting at entrances, lighting and maintenance of tower, perimeter and walkway fence maintenance, Big Bin Day, etc. A portion of fees every year is put into the Reserve Fund per Reserve Fund Study requirements. If you have questions regarding the allocation of funds, please feel free to contact the Board for clarification.

Upcoming Events:


Our next Big Bin Day will be on Saturday, May 25 at 10:00 am, 2024 at the Henderson Park. Shredder will be available.
*No electronics household appliances, and batteries.


SUMP PUMPS: Sump pumps MUST drain on to your own property. City of Edmonton Bylaw 16200. Water CANNOT run onto sidewalks, walkways or other common areas. This creates slippery surfaces (water, mud, ice) and homeowners can and will be fined. **Sump pumps should not be attached to eavestrough downspouts. Homeowners are liable for injuries incurred on slippery sidewalks if their sump pump drains on to it.

RENOVATION GUIDELINES: There are specific roofing materials, exterior finishes, etc. that abide by the guidelines as outlined in the Architectural Guidelines and Bylaws of the Association (Section 3.0 and 4.0). Please be aware of these. If you have questions or are planning an exterior redesign or product change that is not clearly identified in the guidelines, please refer to the website and, if unable to find the information you need, contact the Board. Failure to comply may result in the homeowner being required to remove product and redo according to the bylaws. It is the responsibility of the Homeowner to know what product/design is permitted. Many renovation and home building companies do not necessarily comply with the guidelines of ERHA.

If you plan to have a dumpster, storage container, etc. on your driveway, please notify the board ( with the planned duration. They cannot be left indefinitely.

Construction debris, unwanted items, garbage, etc. cannot be left on the driveway or in vehicles on the driveway for any extended period.

Consider your neighbours - and the aesthetics of the neighbourhood - as you undertake renovations. Garbage and debris should be regularly removed.

FENCE: In order to extend the life of the fence, it should be stained every 4-6 years. The following stain colours are the ONLY accepted ones for Eagle Ridge:

  • Boards -- Cascade Pewter: Deep Base 06801 -B3y - C1y - F8 /per 01 gallon.
  • Posts & Beams -- Cascade Ebony: Clear Base06804 - B13y /per 01 gallon.

Homeowners who share fence backing on to Rabbit Hill Road or Riverbend Road are responsible for maintaining the interior of the perimeter fence. The ERHA has a plan in place for staining and repairs on a rotational basis. If boards need to be replaced, and the homeowner has not maintained the interior of the fence, the homeowner will be responsible for a portion of the costs incurred.

The ERHA holds an easement on subdivided lots for the perimeter fence. The easement is registered at the Land Titles Office. Therefore, no alterations can be made to the fence. The ERHA has a duty to maintain and protect thi sasset of the Association.

ROOFING: Refer to Architectural Guidelines

3.1 on website for further information.


Untreated cedar shakes, cement tile, certain stone-coated steel products and fabricated rubber product as indicated below:

  1. Metro Roof Product Metro-Shake II in Charcoal, Birch or Weathered Timber.
  2. Gerard in a Tile Profile in Barcelona or Country Blend colours.
  3. Euroshield Beaumont Shake, Ranchland Shake, Vermont Slate, Vermont Slate HP, Rundle Slate in colours of dark or light brown, black and dark gray.

No asphalt products are permitted. If you are interested in a product or colour not listed, please contact the Board prior to installation for approval.

PARKING: Recreation Equipment and Commercial Vehicle Parking: Recreation vehicles and commercial vehicles in excess of 3/4 ton capacity shall not be stored on any property for more than 48 hours unless in a garage. For more details see Appendix "A" of Bylaws: Restrictive Covenants, 2.3.5.

“2.3.5 No recreational vehicles or trailers shall be parked or kept on any Subdivided Lot (unless inside a garage) for more than forty-eight (48) hours, without the prior written approval of the Approving Authority.”

Please remember that your neighbours may have visitors, caregivers or trades requiring street parking. It is appreciated when your vehicles are in your garage or on your driveway! Vehicles can be ticketed if they are parked across sidewalks or obstruct driveways. The neighbourhood looks nicer when it doesn’t resemble a ‘used car lot’! Please be courteous.

GARBAGE: All homeowners in Eagle Ridge have received the roll-out bins. Please remember that lids must be fully closed for pick up. This also prevents birds from pulling garbage out as well! They should be stored out of sight of the roadway (garage or behind fence). WasteWise app is a great resource!

TREES: It has been noted that many trees in the area are requiring pruning. Damage incurred by fallen branches and/or trees on neighbouring fences and homes is the responsibility of the offending homeowner! Branches leaning on fences (including perimeter fences) are responsibility of homeowner. They must be cleared. There are many reputable arborists in the Edmonton area.

BLACK KNOT FUNGUS: This fungus is noted on many trees in the area. It will infect neighbouring trees if left untreated. Extensive pruning in the early spring or in the fall will help prevent spread and save trees.

Consult a reputable arborist for advice and treatment or removal.

BIG BIN DAY - MAY 25, 2025 10 am - 2 pm at Henderson Park. Homeowners who are in good standing with the HOA in Eagle Ridge and River Ridge communities are invited to use the Big Bin Day as an opportunity to clear out unwanted household items that cannot be set out for regular garbage pick up. NO electronics, TV’s, oils, paints or chemicals. Large metal objects should go to the Eco Center for recycling.

HOMEOWNER ANNUAL DUES: Invoices were sent in December Payment was due on or before January 1, 2024.

Late fees are charged on overdue payments. Liens can be applied to property if dues are unpaid.

The Administrator spends many extra hours issuingletters, visiting delinquent homeowners, and filingdocuments in an attempt to collect HOA dues.


We have seen increasing numbers of coyotes on neighbourhood walkways, in Henderson Park, and along Heffernan Drive in the last couple years.

Coyotes can jump yard fences! Small animals (cats and dogs) are prey for coyotes.

It is advised that all neighbours check in and around their property for signs of areas of settling - under stairs, bay windows, etc. where an opening might be created. A coyote established a den under front steps of a house on Heacock this spring.

DO NOT FEED wild animals. If you witness anyone leaving food out for any wild animals, please contact Alberta Fish and Wildlife.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife - Edmonton district office: 780-427-3574.


Drought and extensive wildfire conditions are predicted for most areas in Western Canada - including Edmonton. Living close to Terwillegar Park increases the risk of wildfire in our area. A few simple actions around your property can help reduce the risk of fire ignition:

  • If you’re replacing your roof, choose a Class A or Fire-resistant product.
  • Clean your gutters.
  • Clean your yard.
  • Dead pine needles are fuel. Keep them off your roof, out of your gutters, away from the foundation of your house and fence. Clean regularly.
  • Prune your trees, removing all live and dead branches (up to 2 meters from the ground), taking no more than 30 percent of live, green, canopy.
  • Trim back branches that are hanging over our roof and then clear your roof of leaf or needle litter.
  • Keep your lawn mowed and watered, as fire moves quickly through dry grass and weeds.
  • Store firewood at least 10 metres from your house and fences, especially during fire season.
  • Storing items such as firewood piles, construction materials, patio furniture, tools and decorative pieces against or near a house or fence is a major fire hazard.
  • If combustible landscaping mulch ignites, it can produce embers that may ignite combustible materials and increase the chance of direct flame spreading to the home.
  • Plant only a few fire-resistant plants and shrubs within 10 m of your home.

More information is available at:


The Eagle Ridge ENW Committee has been able to have ENW signs placed at all entrances to Henderson Estates and Eagle Ridge Place. A presentation on Senior Safety and Fraud Prevention was held in February 2024.

Watch for ENW Committee members at community events: Park Clean Up, Big Bin Day, etc. Feel free to ask questions and seek information on ways to make our community safer for all.

What You Can Do:

  • Get to know your neighbours.
  • Work together when there is suspected criminal activity.
  • Notify each other if property appears vulnerable to crime.
  • Help neighbour’s property appear occupied when they are away.
  • Lock your vehicle. Unlocked vehicles are targeted and they draw criminal behaviour back to a neighbourhood.
  • Remove all valuables from vehicles, including vehicle registration.
  • If you have a house alarm, USE it and have the sign visible from the street.
  • When out of the house close and lock the doors and windows.
  • Never leave your garage door open when you are not present (check with your neighbour if you notice their door open and it seems no one is around).
  • Use a good quality lock on your shed.
  • REPORT ALL SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITIES AND CRIMES TO THE POLICE. If a crime is inprogress or there is imminent danger to someone’s life, call 911. All other reports can be made topolice at 780-423-4567, #377, online or by using the EPS mobile app.

Neighbourhood volunteers will be door-knocking over the coming months, to offer enrolment in the “Door Sticker” Program. It is one more way of signaling to criminals that our community is a Neighbourhood Watch Community! All volunteers will have ENW tags identifying them as ENW representatives.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions….please contact ERHA: Attention: ENW Rep - Nancy M.

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