Board Meeting Agenda


January 2, 2019


7:00 PM


Amanda, Leon, Sheyleen, Ralph, Bill, Keray



Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to Order - at 7:08pm
  2. Approval of Minutes – October 2, 2018 Minutes: Approved by Keray, Second by Ralph
  3. Business Arising From The Minutes
  • Henderson St. Homeowner R.T.
    - Update re: restrictive covenants issue
    - Given until May 31 so he can move the vehicles from his driveway.
  • Legal costs re: homeowner and proposed bylaw review
    - Retainer to be provided upon bill re: homeowner
    - Societies Act re: bylaw review fee (create an administrative fee for violation of restrictive covenant) – check with lawyer re: bylaw fine/fee issue in respect of Societies Act
  1. Financial Report

    a. Financials (Ralph)
    - Grounds maintenance
    - Need to evaluate Doug’s fee and what is included in his contract
    - $1200 to restring the Christmas lights and remove the old lights
    - Likely do the other 2 trees that are at entrance as well next year
    - $1900 for the purchase of the plants
    - Add some plants and watering to Eagle Ridge Place
    - Painting and board replacement on Eagle Ridge Place perimeter
    - Reserve fund
    - Repair and maintenance of the fence - spent $22,000 (over)
    - May not need to do so much on the replacement and painting this year, may need to target post and board replacement, walkway fences may need to be checked again
    - Insurance was a bit more than budgeted
    - Contingencies
    - Room rental at TRAC, $500 for bin rental, sandwich boards
    - Utilities
    - LED lights big money saver
    - Webpage cost $420 redo for security reasons
    - Reserve fund 2019
    - 2018 reserve fund bottom line we were underspent
    - $10,000 put into the reserve fund
    - 5 GIC’s total $216, 547.71
    - Cash on hand $13, 465.33
    - Proposed budget of 2019
    - Grounds maintenance: reduce to $10,000
    - Bill to look into trail maintenance call 311
    - See if someone will maintain the walkways and get rid of some of the shrubbery/dandelions that have overgrown
    - Budget for 2 trees to be strung with Christmas lights
    - Repair and maintenance of fence - $15,000
    - Insurance - $4,500
    - Utilities - $13,000
    - Legal - $3,000
    - Bank charges - $150
    - Ralph to check internet/web charges
    - Meetings heading removed, use contingencies heading going forward

    b. HOA fees
    - No increase needed this year
    - Need to target homeowners who are not painting or maintaining their fences boards and posts (to include in our next walk around)
  1. New Business:

    a. Christmas wreath and bows
    Ralph and Bill to remove the wreath and bows
    - When summer maintenance occurs we will move the hooks on the Henderson exits to reposition

    b. Tower Lights
    - Perhaps a spotlight on the wreath for next year, there are spotlights at the base of the tower - need to check if the sensors are working

    c. Proposed Bylaw changes
    Keray to seek legal opinion
    - Incentivize homeowners to look after their fences, painting and rotting issues
    - If a perimeter fence rots and falls then the Board will repair the fence even if the fence rotted due to homeowner negligence but will bill the homeowner, Board does its due diligence by ensuring the perimeter is safe by replacing the boards and the posts as needed

    d. Invoices
    To be emailed out by Ralph
    - Hardcovers to be sent out by Sheyleen - March 1st
  2. Motion to adjourn - @8:14pm Approved Ralph, Seconded by Leon
    Next meeting: Thursday, March 14th, 7pm @ Keray

Amanda Kadavil,