Board Meeting Agenda


January 10, 2022


8:00 PM


Leon Pfeiffer, Nancy Muzyka, Doug Lewis, Greg Olson, Bill Scott, Ralph Bullis, Jamie Ludwig, Sheyleen Pfeiffer.



Meeting Minutes

1.  Minutes for lastmeeting - October 14, 2021 - Jamie put forth motion to accept lastmeeting minutes, seconded by Doug

2.     Nancy put forth amotion to have Bill Scott become the new secretary. Jamie seconded. Bill accepted

3.     Admin Report

The Administrator provided an updateon Homeowner Association Dues

  • 21% collection rate. Collected $10,164 to date
  • 207 homeowners left to pay which is $37,125.64
  • Two homeowners with outstanding amounts to pay - XXX Heacock Road owing$886.64. List from bankruptcy trustee was sent earlier and XXXX Heavener owes$378 which is 2 years of fees plus interest. – Bill will talk to the residentof XXXX Heavener
  • Land titles office is working from Oct 13th and are 14 weeks behind. TheAdministrator had to pull 6 titles to find new homeowners and has a few more to go, but all invoices were sent. To those homeowners where the Administratordoes not have their names, the Administrator has addressed the invoices to the "new homeowner".

4.     Treasurer’s Report

Income Statement sent out to Board

Proposed Budget for 2022 was alsoincluded

Reserve Fund Holding

  • Ralph and Nancy to look at the rollover of funds in 2022

Nancy laid out the proposed budget for 2022

Nancy asked if maybe we should be increasing our ERHA Fees and if so, how much.

  • More discussion at next meeting

5.     Business ArisingFrom Minutes - October 14, 2021

1.     Tree Lights -Lights for trees at Henderson Entrance - Leon will follow up with this inSept/Oct when more contractors are available.

2.     Working Committees:

  • Henderson Park –Leon will head this up
  • Grounds Committee –Leon and Bill to head this up
  • Website RedevelopmentCommittee – Greg will head this up
  • Bylaw Support
  • CommunityEngagement

1.     Sandwich Boards –Nancy to follow up.

6.     Adoption Of Motions:

  -  Donation in memoryof Bob Butler
Nov. 6/21 Ralph made a motion that a donation of $100 be made in memory of BobButler to the EPL Read Program. Greg Seconded. Moved unanimously via e-mail responses. Sheyleen made the donation on behalf of ERHA. She was reimbursed Nov. 10/21

  -  Purchase of computer for Administrator
Motion made by Greg on October. 14, 2021 Seconded by Nancy.

  • instruct theadministrator to purchase a chrome book computer and warranty not to exceed $800.00 combined cost.
  • instruct the administrator to migrate our email and documentation back end to Google Docsbasic at $7.80 per month hosting fee. This includes spreadsheets, wordprocessing, web design software, presentation software etc.

Carried unanimously via e-mail responses.

7.     Tower Electrical

Motion made by Greg Olson, Dec. 9,2021 to reimburse Nancy Muzyka $200 for electrical work to replace timer at Eagle Ridge Tower (electrician, Grant Stewart), done on Nov. 5, 2021.
Seconded by Leon Pfeiffer. Unanimous votes “for” received via e-mail.

Greg Olson made motion to have electrician assess and repair electrical concerns at Eagle Ridge Tower (electrician, Craig Tomas) Dec. 10, 2021.

Seconded by Leon Pfeiffer.
Carried unanimously via e-mail responses.

Addendum: Reimburse Nancy Muzyka $100 for cash payment to Craig Tomas, electrician, December 10, 2021.

8.     New Business

  • Tower Electrical – Lights are working as is timer
  • Replacement Bulbs needed at tower – Bill
  • Reserve Study – Maybe we need to use a different company – We are using Wade now. – Ralph, Greg, and Leon will meet to discuss further and get back to the Board.

NEXT MEETING – March 1, 2022 – 8 p.m.

Meeting Adjourned at 9 p.m. – Nancy put forth a motion to adjourn –seconded by Doug