Board Meeting Agenda


February 2, 2016


8:00 PM


Leon Pfeiffer, Ralph Bullis, Bill Teeple, Nancy Muzyka


Sheyleen Pfeiffer

Meeting Minutes

1. Fee notices for 2016 have been sent out.

2. Financial Report:

2015 budget/expenditures reviewed. Interest accrued on investments in Reserve Fund was not available at this time.

We will arrange for audit prior to AGM.

Budget 2016:

Adding into budget (Grounds Maintenance): $4000 for stone remediation on gates and tower. As well as funds for lawn mowing in the walkways.

3. Fence maintenance: budgeting $15,000 from Reserve fund.

A lengthy discussion was held regarding the level of responsibility of homeowner's and the ERHA with regards to fence maintenance. We will seek legal counsel for advice on how we can approach homeowners

Leon will speak with Kyle Becker (Becker Painting) for an estimate cost of post replacement and replacement of a section of fence, should a homeowner not maintain and the resulting costs. This is information that we would like to find a way to share with homeowners so that they are aware of the high cost of not doing regular fence maintenance.

Leon will be doing a walkabout with Kyle as soon as the snow melts, to determine what work can be done within the allotted budget.

We will also look into the potential filling and remediation of the black fence posts.

Leon will seek legal counsel on this issue. We have approved the use of the budgeted monies (Administration) if required.

4. Entrance Gate Update - The lights on Henderson have been repaired.

One light on Heffernan is still out (east). Leon will contact Doug regarding this.

We also had a discussion regarding the possible replacement of the light fixtures to a newer technology. Leon will ask Doug for his recommendation/suggestion.

5. Tower Maintenance - Nancy has notified Bombini Brothers that we would like to go with their quote. The work will likely be done in later spring.

6. Signage – No new issues.

7. Surplus School Site – ACT For Community had a sign up at Henderson Park. The City came and removed it in early January. Apparently ACT have tried to contact Bob Turner, MLA regarding the surplus school sites and he has not returned calls.


1. AGM – Nancy will attempt to book May 4 or 11, 2016 at Riverbend Library. Cannot book until two months prior, so will follow up.

2. Next meeting: WEDNESDAY April 6, 2016.

Meeting adjourned at 2115 h.

Nancy Muzyka