Board Meeting Agenda


February 14, 2018


7:00 PM


Leon Pfeiffer, Bill Teeple, Keray Henke, Bob Butler, Nancy Muzyka, Sheyleen Pfeiffer



Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to Order at 1915h.
  2. Approval of Minutes – December 14, 2017. Bill moved to accept as circulated. Bob seconded. Carried.
  3. Business Arising From The Minutes:
  • Bylaw Review – Leon is awaiting reply from Gary Biasini.
  • Administrator Position – Sheyleen Pfeiffer has accepted this position.
  • Fence Work
    - Resident Complaint – Becker Painting
    Leon talked to Kyle about the issue that was raised with regards to pressure treated lumber and painting on all sides of the boards. We will look at the price of pressure treated lumber and stipulate that all sides be painted (pressure treated or not).
    Also with regards to a complaint about poor driveway sealing, Kyle is going to redo it in the spring when the weather is suitable.
    - Post Caps – we will make these available to order via the website. Ralph will place an order in the spring.
  • Newsletter – went out via e-mail with the invoices.
  • Telus Fiberoptic Remediation – The individual’s name to contact is on the website. The Board is not responsible. Homeowner’s need to contact Telus directly.
  • Walkabout – Leon and Ralph will do a walkabout in the spring and inspect the fencing. They will look at posts that require replacement and plan for that in the budget for fencing. Leon will also look at shrubs and mugo pine in the walkway and see if we need to consider having them trimmed. Doug might be able to do some of that work or we would get a tree company in.
  1. Financial Report – Sheyleen
  • Investments - $238,848.47 (GIC w cash on hand)
  • Annual HOA fee collection – 50% has been collected. 134 households left to pay. Reminder e-mail sent out yesterday. Collected $23,677.27 to date. One homeowner owes $752.27 and has provided a cheque for $175. The cheque has not been cashed until the homeowner pays the entire amount outstanding. Sheyleen will consult with Bob Butler with the process for filing a claim.
  • Signing authority on account – The Board has agreed to have a third signing authority so Nancy will continue to act as the third signature.
  1. New Business:
  • Resident complaint re: car on walkaway. Leon will follow up.
  • AGM Meeting – Nancy will check re: May 2 or May 9.
  • Board Vacancies – President, Treasurer and Secretary.
  • Other – Tim Cartmell has a town hall meeting periodically that Leon has been invited to. He did not attend the most recent one, but Jim Bradshaw (River Ridge CL) attended. Tim apparently stated that if development has to go in to Henderson Park, then we need to push for location – off Riverbend Road would be better than the southwest corner. We have no actual details of any development at this point in time but will continue to follow.
  • Terwillegar Drive development – survey available until Feb. 15, 2018.

Meeting adjourned at 2030h.

NEXT MEETING: Nancy will send a note out regarding a date in April.

Nancy Muzyka, Secretary