Board Meeting Agenda


February 28, 2022


8:00 PM


Leon Pfeiffer, Nancy Muzyka, Doug Lewis, Bill Scott, Jamie Ludwig, Sheyleen Pfeiffer.



Meeting Minutes

  1. Minutes for last meeting - January 11, 2021 - Nancy put forth motion to accept last meetings minutes, seconded by Leon.
  2. Treasurer Report - Nancy
  • There is $53,908 in Account
  • No outstanding Payments
  • Provided Income statement and Reserve Fund Holdings
  • Nancy will discuss with bank concerning ideas for GIC's.
  • Bill added as a signee for bank account. Signees are Sheyleen, Nancy and Bill

3. Admin Report - Sheyleen

The Administrator provided an update on Homeowner Association Dues

  • 44 homeowners left to pay which is $7,917
  • Demand letter sent to XXXX Heavener.
  • Rewriting of Bylaw concerning Resident Fees and late payment - Doug and Sheyleen.

4. Business Arising From Minutes - January 11, 2021

  • Bill to replace tower lights once snow and ice have melted
  • Reserve Study - RFP - Greg and Leon
  • Sandwich Boards - Nancy provided three quotes.
  • The board decided on Coroplast. Each sandwich board will come with three inserts - one for Annual Dues, on for Annual General Meeting and one for Special Events
  • A Motion was made by Leon seconded by Doug.
  • Nancy to purchase three sandwich boards at a cost of $1,351.35
  • Community Engagement - Nancy and Doug have volunteered for this.
  • Leon suggested a BBQ.
  • bringing in a small engine company to provide servicing for lawnmowers. (Blade sharpening, oil change, tune up.
  • Website update - Greg

5. New Business

  • Fence Painting inclusive of board and post replacement and post caps.
  • Bill to follow up with Asia Professional Gardening and Landscaping for a quote
  • Leon to follow up with Student Works Painting for a quote.
  • Spring Weed and Fertilization Control - Green Oasis Services - - Nancy to provide company with $115 payment for this years services.
  • Look at booking the new Community League Building for our next AGM. Leon will contact Jim Bradshaw regarding this and a possible AGM date of May24/25- 2022

6. Next Meeting - April 5, 2022 at 8 p.m.

7. Adjournment -

Motion to Adjourn - Doug
Seconded by Nancy