Board Meeting Agenda


March 13, 2019


7:00 PM


Keray, Ralph, Bill, Amanda, Leon



Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to Order - at 7:08pm
  2. Approval of Minutes – Approved by Ralph, Seconded by Bill.
  3. Business Arising From The Minutes
  • Invoices (March 1st) update
    - Ralph to email, Sheyleen to handout hardcovers
    - Sheyleen has provided the up to date list
             - Recommend to write 3 formal letters to remaining homes
                  Keray to follow up with lawyers re: what is require to put a lien on a homeowner`s property for outstanding fees
                  Current bylaws allow us to be reimbursed for legal fees
             - Letter was sent re: removal of white pod on homeowner's driveway, they were requested in January to remove and they have not done so Keray to speak to the lawyers about what is next step re: the white po
  • Proposed Bylaw changes
             - Keray update re: legal opinion
             - Clauses to incentivize homeowners to care for their fences
  • Trail maintenance (contact 311)
  • Put up doggie bags dispensaries - also mention at the AGM
  • Posting signage/sandwich boards- after the AGM (Bill to check with Nancy)
  • Deadwood issue on the trails - fire hazards (discuss with Tim Cartmell at AGM)
  1. Financial Report
  • Financials (Ralph)
    - 15 homeowners left to pay - $3,083.67
    - Reserve fund
              - 2 changes: Scotia Bank 2 new GICS
              - Will move $10K to the reserve fund soon
    - Maintenance
             - Replace a birch tree at Eagle Ridge Henderson gate because it is lopsided - put in a narrow tree approx. $300. Ralph to contact Doug re: replacement tree
             - Cutting the grass on the walkways - issue of the insurance: Leon to ask Gary what liability would be if we hire neighbourhood kids to do so
    - Ralph to follow up with Doug re: new contract or if it is needed, what is included in his current contract
    - 2018 financials are being audited (McKay) will be ready before the AGM
  • HOA fees
    - Need to target homeowners who are not painting or maintaining their fences boards and posts (to include in our next walk around)
  1. Financial Report
  • Bylaw revisions
    If there is conflict between the bylaw and the restrictive covenant then the RC will prevail - in other words certain bylaws cannot be changed.
    Definition of perimeter fence is fence along Riverbend Road and along Rabbit Hill road but the Board is maintaining the face of the fence along the walkways even though not part of the perimeter fence just because we couldn’t rely on the homeowners to do so.
    Look into legal opinion on file re: perimeter fence
    Bill to speak to Evelynn about the perimeter fence comment then Keray to change proposed clause 4.02(d) in accordance.
    Interest in RC is stipulated at 16%, Keray to change back proposed clause 4.02(n) from 20%.
    Request for owners who don’t repair their fences to be fined - issue with what constitutes ‘repair’ Board decides it is too subjective to assess. However, RC already says the fence is for the homeowner to ‘maintain’ so there is room for the Board to say that based on a reasonable assessment the fence needs to be maintained.
    If we maintain the walkway fences, although we don’t have an obligation to maintain it, we would have to negotiate with the homeowner if we want to repair it and request they pay their half.
  • AGM meeting in May from 7pm to 10pm (weekday)
    Need at least 21 days of proposed revisions to the community
    Will post the bylaw revisions on the website
    EPL or Rhatigan community centre – Amanda to contact them for date/time availability
    Contact Tim Cartmell and request that he attends the AGM - ask for his availability then choose an AGM date
  1. Next Meeting - Tuesday April 23 @ Bill's house
    Motion to adjourn - @8:28pm - Approved by Ralph, Seconded by Amanda

Amanda Kadavil,