Board Meeting Agenda


April 3, 2017


7:00 PM


Leon Pfeiffer, Ralph Bullis, Peggy Hrynowski, Bill Teeple, Nancy Muzyka.


Keray Henke

Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to Order 1910h
  1.  Approval of Meeting Minutes – February 6, 2017 – Carried
  1. Business Arising From Minutes
  1. AGM Date and Notification – Tuesday May 9, 2017
  1. Ralph will send a mass e-mail (subject to the bylaw confirmation) including the AGM 2016 minutes, financials, proxy, and Agenda.  We will mail out a package to the approximately 20 homeowners who do not have e-mail registered.
  2. Nancy will put the sandwich board signs out a week or so before.
  3. Sheyleen will ask to have the Henderson Park sign advertise the meeting.
  1. Bylaw Review – Leon will check with Gary Biasini with regards to our current bylaws and get an opinion as to whether there needs to be a revision.
  1. Administrator’s Position on Board – This position is not a Board position with a 3-year term limit.  Terri has said she would come back if her health had improved.  
  1. Fence Work – Cascade Fence is no longer in fencing business.  Kyle Becker has been in touch and is ready to go anytime!   Leon will take Kyle to show him the area from the front of Eagle Ridge Point from Heffernan to the bus turnaround.  After an estimate is received, we will determine if more can be done.  To a maximum of $15,000.

Capping posts – Leon has found a product that if a post is compromised at the top, a metal bracket can be used to repair the post.

Ralph presented a cost-out for capping the posts: 400-500 posts remain to be done.  Vinyl caps ($2.56/cap), insulating foam to fill holes in posts, and labor ($4000) with a total of approximately $5500.

We will seek a second estimate.

Fence signage – a reminder that election, realtor, business signs, advertising cannot be placed on exterior of fencing.  trees, etc.  They can be placed on lawns provided they are small and non-obstructive.  We will remind residents of this at the AGM.

  1. Financial Report

Audit has been completed for 2016.  

Statement to Date reviewed to end of first quarter.   No anomalies.

Reserve Fund Study.  Ralph would like us to request a bid from Dynamic Reserve Fund Studies who did an assessment for Eagle Ridge Place.

Ralph will request quotes from Wade Engineering and Dynamic Reserve Fund Studies, ideally by the end of April.

Fee Collection:  We have 32 homeowners who have not yet paid fees.  Ralph has an e-mail ready to send to the 32 homeowners who have not paid.   They will have until April 15 to pay.  After that date we will send a registered letter with another invoice including the charge for registered letter.  Following that, nonpayment may result in fees being forward to a collection agency with those expenses also being charged to the homeowner.

  1. Positions to be filled at AGM:
  2. Treasurer
  3. Secretary
  4. Administrator

NEXT MEETING:  AGM  Tuesday May 9, 2017 at 

 7:00 p.m.

Riverbend Library

Meeting adjourned at 2050h.  

Nancy Muzyka