Board Meeting Agenda


April 12, 2018


7:00 PM


Leon Pfeiffer, Ralph Bullis, Bill Teeple, Amanda Kadavil, Sheyleen Pfeiffer, Nancy Muzyka


Bob Butler, Keray Henke

Meeting Minutes

1. CALL TO ORDER: at 1920h

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – February 15, 2018.  Ralph moved accepted as circulated.   Bill seconded.


a.  Bylaw Review – Leon is going to meet with Gary Biasini for advice re:   Bylaw updates.

b.  Fence Work – 

i.  Post Caps – we will post the ordering information on the website if anyone wants to order (U.S. based Hoover Fence Company).  Ralph and Bill will do a count and order the number needed to finish the project started last year (perimeter and walkway fences).

ii.  Painting –  A second company has come forward wanting to bid on the work.  Becker painting is also interested.   Once we know what work we want to do this year,  Ralph will contact both companies for bids.

c.  Telus Fiberoptic Remediation – will continue to refer homeowners to the website for contact information.  (Customer Service 780-960-9066.  If not resolved, residents can contact

d.  Walkabout -  Ralph, Leon and Bill will do a walkabout when the weather improves.

The group will also look at the mugo pines, etc in the walkways and see about trimming and removing branches.

e.  AGM Date – May 16, 2018 – TRAC Multi-purpose Rm B (arena side) 6:30-8:00 p.m.  Ralph will send out a blast e-mail with the information and it is posted to the website.   Nancy will put the signs out in the next week, weather permitting!


  1. Annual HOA fee collection – Sheyleen reported that there are 14 outstanding  fees to be collected. (2 of the 14 were received at this meeting).

Ralph, Bill and Sheyleen will do one more door-to-door attempt to collect.

Amount collected to date (excluding 2 at this meeting):  $44,502.27

Amount outstanding $3027.27

The following addresses remain to be collected despite multiple

 e-mail and physical invoices (mailed and hand delivered).


XXX Heffernan


XXXHenderson St

XXX Henderson

XXX Heacock - $725. 27 outstanding.  Will be forwarded for legal collection if final attempt at door collection does not succeed.

XXX Heacock


XXXX Heavener

XXXX Henson

XXXX Hewgill

XXXXHerring Cooper

  1. Annual Return -  2016  filing has been accepted.

  2017 will be audited on April 16, 2018 and then Ralph will file with Alberta Societies.

Ralph reviewed the Financial statements.  He would like to renew contract with Doug Baines for landscaping and grounds maintenance.


  1. Directional Real Estate Sign -  a Real Estate agent has requested permission to put a sign near the tower to direct to a “new listing” home.  We have agreed for short term placement.
  1. Signage for walkways – Nancy  will look into signage for walkways re: littering and picking up after pets.  We will do a count of  signs needed.  We will also look at cost for dispensers and bags.  Nancy will check with the City about the dispensers they use.
  1. Pixel Army  - we will go ahead with the refit/upgrade when pricing becomes available.  
  1. Items for AGM Agenda:  Board members will let Nancy know if they have additional items to add.
  1. Bin Day – Leon will check and see if Eagle Ridge could participate in the Bin Day scheduled for late May (River Ridge).
  1. Herring Cooper and Heacock median green rehabilitation – we will ask Doug to provide pricing to complete these areas.

Next Meeting:  AGM May 16, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 2050h.

Nancy Muzyka