Board Meeting Agenda


April 14, 2023


7:00 PM


Leon Pfeiffer, Nancy Muzyka, Bill Teeple, Cathy Fuhr, Gary Biasini, Sheyleen Pfeiffer, Doug Lewis



1. Call to Order at 7:07 PM

2. Approval of Agenda and Meeting Minutes from March 13, 2023

Motion by Nancy, seconded by Sheyleen and carried unanimously and Minutes accepted a motion by Nancy and seconded by Cathy and carried unanimously

3. Website Update

Continuing to forward requests to homeowners who have not joined the website.  Currently cannot do a drop-down but reviewing alternate approaches.

Updated Minutes to be added to the Website

4.Treasurer’s Report

A. Revenues

a. ERHA Annual Dues $65,975.00

b. Penalties and Interest $     116.00

c. Legal Fees Reimbursed $     343.00


B. Expenses

a. Ground Maintenance $  2,048.00

b. Repair and Maintenance (fence) $     230.00

c. Administration $  1,500.00

d. Other $       41.00

$  5,396.00


a. Total at Maturity $274,661.44

b. Maturity Dates

May 16, 2023

June 15, 2023

October 30, 2023

November 25, 2024

December 9, 2024

January 12, 2024

D. Reserve Study

Replacement cost of fence may result in the Reserve Fund being underfunded but we do not have the necessary revenue to increase the Reserve Fund.  This then leaves the choice to increase revenues or do a cash call to homeowners.  Discussion about focusing on maintenance of the fence to avoid the cost of replacement (maintenance that has been done is a significant factor when considering the Reserve Fund - the question is whether our maintenance has been aggressive enough - likely it will be necessary to increase the maintenance expenditures). 

At this point, the Association will aggressively maintain the fence which effectively replaces the fence over a number of years.

At the next AGM, the Association’s financial reality will be discussed.

5. Administrator’s Report

A. Annual Fees outstanding

a. S (652) $250.00

b. M (914)* $250.00

c. P (941) $453.00

d. K (1210)* $250.00

e. W (1430) $250.00

f. F (1524) $250.00

*M (914) Gary B. to check with the homeowners - at this point we will not take any steps with respect to this homeowner.

*K (1210) Leon to check with the homeowners.

6. Fencing Update/Fence Committee

No current updates - Leon and Bill will report back at the next meeting and then a decision can be made about obtaining quotes. 

7. New Business

A. Big Bin Day

  • Saturday May 27, 2023 from 10:00 to 2:00.  Signs will be placed after the street sweeping is completed.  Nancy will have a table for Neighbourhood Watch (an information session).  We split the cost with The Ridge.

B. Neighbourhood Watch

  • Nancy has completed the training.  We will attempt to get some people interested in the Neighbourhood Watch programme.
  • Studies suggest where there is an active Neighbourhood Watch programme there is an increase in the number of crimes reported but a decrease in the actual number of crimes due to the increased involvement of people in the neighbourhood. 
  • Signs and walking programme - information at the Big Bin Day.
  • Approval to proceed with the Neighbourhood Watch - motion by Bill and seconded by Cathy - carried unanimously.

C. Clock Tower Repairs

  • Quote - for Tower and two fence posts

-$900.00 for silicon and posts

-$2,500.00 for flashing and silicon and posts

Motion by Cathy and seconded by Bill to do the flashing and silicon for $2,500.00 (carried unanimously)


  • Meeting Thursday June 1, 2023 at 7:00 (at The Ridge Community Hall - 2111 Haddow Drive NW)

E. Christmas Lights - Riverbend Road entrance

  • Options include hiring a company to do the work or purchasing the lights and hiring a company to provide the truck to string the lights.
  • Question to be raised at the AGM - is this important to the homeowners?  Because of the Reserve Fund and the cost of fence repairs the issue of the Christmas lights will be discussed at the AGM.  Cathy will speak to this at the AGM. 

F. New Building at 528

  • Bill - construction in the back yard (almost the entire back yard).  Call the City of Edmonton to determine what was approved - Row ID# 386900456-002 — (Redeveloping) 

8. Next Meeting

Monday May 15, 2023 to be held at Bill’s residence (110 Eagle Ridge Place)

9. Adjourn Meeting

Motion by Nancy, second by Bill and carried.