Board Meeting Agenda


April 22, 2019


7:00 PM


Ralph, Keray


Meeting Minutes

Attendance as Observers: Leon and Bill

  1. Call to Order - at 7:10pm
  2. Approval of Minutes – Moved by Ralph. Seconded by Bill. Approved by all.
  3. Business Arising From The Minutes
  4. There are 11 homeowners who are delinquent in their dues. Bill and Leon will attempt to collect them via door to door visits on May 4th.
  5. Ralph and Keray will inspect the fences and report on their recommendations for maintenance this year. A discussion took place on the viability of continuing to maintain the exterior fences along the trail in back of Hefferen Drive.
  6. Amanda should draft and acknowledgement letter in response to the removal of the “Pod” at XXX Heavener.
  7. Financial Report
  8. Ralph presented the financial report and it appears that we are in good shape with respect to this year’s budget. With the AGM coming up on May 15th, a form of a proxy was presented and agreed to with modifications. It will be posted on the web site.
  9. Other Business
  10. The Board agreed to remediate the area Henderson and Heacock and the Homeowner in question will be so notified.
  11. The Birch tree at Henderson Gate will be replaced.
  12. Ralph will ask for a re-quote for landscape maintenance from Doug Bayne and another interested company to insure, as part of our due diligence regarding the cost of landscape maintenance.
  13. It was recommended that garbage bags be double bagged to insure that rips do not occur. Amanda should draft a recommendation to that effect for our web site and Ralph will e-mail homeowners on proper protocol.
  14. There being no further business, the meeting was adjoined at 8:45 PM.

Bill Teeple