Board Meeting Agenda


May 9, 2017


7:00 PM


Leon Pfeiffer, Ralph Bullis, Marla Daniels, Tuan Trieu, Peggy Hryniowski, Bob Butler, Vera Kornelsen, Stephen Seewald, Daksha and Hasu Rajani, Terry Huff, Nancy Muzyka



Meeting Minutes

PROXIES: Angeline and Robert Mowbrey (Ralph Bullis), William Teeple (Ralph Bullis), M. Stefanyk (Ralph Bullis), Katherine Lucas (Ralph Bullis), Adena Lindstrom (Nancy Muzyka), Cindy Lewis (Nancy Muzyka), Greg and Marie Ovelund (Vera Kornelsen), John and Michele Mucha (Vera Kornelson)

GUEST:  Jim Bradshaw, President, The Ridge Community League

A quorum of 11 owners present plus 8 proxies was established.

Peggy Hryniowski moved that quorum be accepted.  Marla Daniels seconded.

  1. Call to Order at 7:05 p.m.

  1. Acknowledgment of Proxies – 8 proxies

  1. Approval of 2016 AGM Minutes – Peggy Hryniowski moved the minutes be accepted as circulated.  Seconded by Marla Daniels.

  1. Treasurer’s Report:  Ralph Bullis provided a review of the ERHA Income Statement 2017.

Ralph discussed the issue of collecting 2017 dues, and collecting outstanding dues.  This is an ongoing and time-consuming issue for the Board.

Ralph discussed the challenge of collecting fees and that there are a couple delinquent owners who refuse to pay the fees.  We are considering legal action, which ultimately will be billed back to the homeowner (as stipulated in the bylaws) against those owners who are more than 24 months in arrears.

Ralph reviewed the expenditures.  Discussed the rehabilitation of the Tower repair and maintenance.

Fence Repair and Maintenance – went over-budget because it was felt that it was necessary to deal with repairs.  We will continue to plan to spend approximately $15,000/year in maintenance and repairs.  A short discussion was held with regards to the areas of fence being painted – i.e. homeowners  in corner houses.  This Board has not undertaken the maintenance of those fences and, at present, we don’t anticipate doing so.  

Utilities – we are responsible for paying for the lights for the gates, towers, and display at Rabbit Hill Road and Riverbend Road.   The Board is presently looking at replacing the insides of the light fixtures with LED sources.  We are awaiting an estimate for those. 

Administration – Administrator’s position is the only “paid” position on the ERHA, with an honorarium provided.  It is intended to cover some of the extra time that the Administrator spends collecting fees, etc.

Office Supplies – stamps, envelopes, etc.

We do take some funds from the Reserve Fund to do work that falls under Reserve (i.e. fence) and then we try to put those funds back, plus more each year, in the Reserve Fund.

Reserve Fund – We currently have approximately $200,000 in Reserve Fund held in GIC’s.  

PROPOSED BUDGET 2017 – essentially the same as last year with the exception of the Tower work.   As well, there is a budget line item for the Reserve Fund Study - $2500.  We are currently seeking quotes from engineering companies.

A motion was made by Marla Daniels to approve the budget.  Seconded by Steve Seewal.  Carried.

  1. President’s Report – Review of 2016 Activities
  1. Fence Maintenance and fence-post cap installation
  2. Surplus School Site – Henderson Park
  3. Volunteer positions on the Board – turnover is required by the By-laws.  

  1. New Business:
  1. Jim Bradshaw, President of Ridge Community League – guest

i.  Henderson Park Status – City has provided a map that showed that the piece of land involved is from the southwest corner and extends east to the middle of the first soccer field (over the sidewalk).  Haddow Park has a First-Place housing project.    Currently the project in Henderson Park appears to likely be a Low-income housing project.

The City is keeping these surplus sites “quiet”.  There are approximately 160 in the city - many people do not know about these.   The City of Edmonton is quietly rezoning these communities, and it is speculated that it is for future developments with minimal community engagement or consultation.

Forum- May 30, 2017 at 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm at St. Thomas More Church – with the candidates running for position on City Council in Ward 9.  There are five candidates running and three have confirmed attendance.  Rob Agostinos and Tim Cartmell have expressed that they are against this development.  Jim was not aware of the others position.

The Community League installed the playgrounds at Henderson and Haddow.    There are three park benches that are going to be placed in Henderson park area.

Permanent ice hockey rink and building are being constructed in Haddow Park.  Grants were applied for through the City and Provincial Government and both were denied because they were not “ground ready” so the Community League is re-applying as soon as the project is “ground ready” and hope to have funding in place to start next spring.


The By-laws of the ERHA state that Board Members shall serve a maximum of three years in an executive position, and then will take a minimum of one year away. 

Keray Henke has two more years eligible to serve.

Nancy Muzyka has completed three years.

Ralph Bullis has completed three years.

Leon Pfeiffer has one year left.


Peggy Hryniowski nominates Bob Butler.  Accepted by Bob .  All in favour. 

Administrator position remains open.  This is not a Board position.  

If you know of someone interested or would like to sit on the Board, please contact the Board Chair, Leon Pfeiffer or any Board member.

  1. Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Steve Seewald.  Seconded by Peggy Hryniowski.  2025 h.  

Nancy Muzyka