Board Meeting Agenda


May 10, 2021


7:00 PM


Leon Pfeiffer, Riad Assaf, Ralph Bullis, James Ludwig, Luther Haave, William Teeple, Nancy Muzyka



Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to order @ 7:05pm
  2. Approval of Minutes – Approved by Ralph, seconded by Bill.
  3. Business Arising from Minutes:
  • Last formal Board meeting was Sept 9, 2020 (due to COVID-19 restrictions)
  • Properties in arrears – update on the 3 properties against which caveats were filed
    - One is all paid up, one paid only back fees but not interest and legal fees (collection in progress), and the third is most likely uncollectible due to financial insolvency. Ralph confirmed that we are the 8th creditor in line which means it is highly unlikely we will collect on this.
  • 2020 fence maintenance program summary
    - Ralph reported that the 2020 fence maintenance was poorly run by the contractor. The Board had used this contractor for several years. Recommendation is to procure a new fence painting and rehabilitation contractor.
  1. Financial Report
  • Financials - Ralph discussion
    Reserve Holdings: GIC’s $253,129.00
    Total: including Cash on Hand: $297,064.08

    GICs are currently invested in short term (< 1 year) as interest rates are quite low. Ralph had a discussion with the Scotiabank banker for options with higher yields such as other variable rate GICs that are being offered at other banks like TD Bank, but Scotiabank currently does not have this type of GIC. The option of opening an investment account with another bank in hopes of seeking higher yields on secure GICs was discussed and remains an option. Riad mentioned that every bank tends to come out with attractive GIC promotions and suggested that we reach out to the Scotia banker to inform us of any new GIC promotions. Riad also advised against going with products that may offer higher yields but aren’t as safe as traditional GICs and usually have embedded fees. But variable rate GICs may be fine but need to be reviewed further.

    There are two GIC’s maturing in July (approximately $85,000) with Ralph will reinvest In short-term GIC’s.

    Bill motioned to approve financials. Riad Seconded.
  • HOA fees:
    - Collection
      Arrears: 14 homes are still outstanding on paying HOA fees for a balance of $2,450

    Follow up letters have been sent. Further collection efforts will be implemented such as door to door visits. Bill has offered to accompany Sheyleen if she is willing to undertake these visits. A second letter will be left if no one is available. We believe that it these payments may not have been paid simply due to forgetfulness and are confident they will be paid with further reminders.
  1. New Business
  • Participating in the Ridge HOA bin day (May 29, 2021)
    - Reviewing to see if allowed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Luther mentioned that the City of Edmonton recently cancelled a bin event. Leon will look into this update the Board if we can proceed with this. We will communicate this to the community as well if we are to participate and pay a portion of the cost of the bin, which usually amounts to $500. We will recommend providing volunteers with a homeowner’s checklist to ensure only residents of Henderson Estates will be using this service. Also, it is suggested that only homeowners that have paid their HOA fees should be able to use this service that is provided by the HOA. Homeowners that have not paid their HOA fee will have the opportunity to pay the HOA fee that day if they plan on using the bin.
  • Disbursement controls:
    - Risks associated with pre-signing cheques (when one signatory is going to be unavailable) was discussed. It is noted that there have been no discrepancies but out of an abundance of caution, to protect both the signatories and the ERHA, options were discussed.

    - Motion: At each Board meeting, bank statements since the last Board meeting will be provided and transactions reconciled with financial records and provide any clarification if there are outstanding cheques or delayed deposits. Electronic funds transfers (EFTs), unlike cheques, do not require two signatories to approve and hence should only be used in rare instances when cheques are not an option and EFT transactions will be reconciled with financial records at each Board meeting.
    Moved by Riad. Seconded Leon. Carried.

    - Motion: There will be no pre-signing of cheques, to prevent any suggestion of improper disbursement. It is noted that two signatures are required for disbursement from accounts so security and integrity is intact.
    Moved by Leon. Seconded by Riad. Carried.
  • Scheduling of 2019 and 2020 AGMs and locating/contracting facilitator to run the AGM.

    - Due to COVID-19 restrictions, a committee will be formed, led by Leon and joined by Bill Teeple and Nancy Muzyka to discuss options of hosting a virtual AGM.  There are Ministerial Orders that cover virtual meetings not otherwise covered in our bylaws. The voting procedure is called in to question and the committee will seek clarification on this.

    The committee will report back to the Board as soon as possible so that a potential date can be established. Homeowner’s will require at least 21 days notice.

  • Spring and Summer newsletter
    - Nancy has volunteered to write a newsletter and submit it to the Board prior to release. If there are any specific topics or information, Board members would like added, please let Nancy know.
  • Review and response to 682 Henderson Street re: request to build a sunroom addition
    - The Board discussed architectural guidelines that may apply. The Board will request further information regarding the design plan and the City of Edmonton approval. Leon will be taking care of this.
  • Procurement of new fence repair and painting
    - in the process of getting some quotes for a new contractor. Ralph suggested that from his experience, it was best to do a walk around to assess what needs repair, tally the cost and then get contractors to bid on the actual work required. This will eliminate any surprises down the road in terms of under-estimation or over-estimation of work and hence reimbursement from the contractors standpoint. All Board members agreed that this is a good approach.

    - It was also noted that the fences behind the homes of 516 and 522 Heffernan require full replacement. These were fences originally built by the homeowners and were not part of the initial perimeter fence of Eagle Ridge. Board members felt that these fences have not been appropriately maintained by the homeowner, and therefore the ERHA should not be financially responsible for remediation.
  • Potential development of Henderson Park
    - Discussion was held regarding the potential development and including the information provided by the City of Edmonton and our Councillor Tim Cartmell. The Board discussed the concerns and it was decided that a note would go in the newsletter encouraging residents to stay engaged and to update residents of new information.
  • Drafting of letters to specific homeowners who have derelict properties (fences, dead trees, broken gate, parking violations, abandoned cars and tires, etc).
    - Communication to be sent to homeowners regarding these matters, including an RV Parking violation and trees leaning on perimeter fences.

    - Luther will assist in providing a past communication letter used for these matters and Ralph will send letters out in response to violations.
  • Landscaping budget 2021
    -Our current contractor, Doug Bayne of Rivercity Landscaping does a good job and remains on budget. The budget is unchanged from 2020. Board was unanimous in continuing with same contractor. Green Oasis will be contacted to maintain the area around the watchtower (weed control and fertilize)

    - Nancy noted that the bulb for light at entrance is burned out. Leon will communicate with Doug Bayne to see if he can take care of this as part of the landscaping duties and/or if an electrician is needed.

    - Discussion was also held regarding request from Eagle Ridge Place Board that if they took over the maintenance and landscaping of the bus turnaround (no longer in use) would ERHA assist with funds for landscaping. It was felt that since this is outside of the perimeter fence of ERHA, the Board would not support that request. However, ERHA would support Eagle Ridge Place request to the City to beautify the turnaround.
  • Other: Ralph will be away for most of the summer. Leon will look after any landscaping concerns and checking in with Doug (contractor). Christmas lights are on 2 of the spruce trees at the entrance to Henderson St. Bill suggested that we look in to getting the remaining two trees decorated with LED lights as well. Leon will check with Doug to see if he knows of anyone who would have access to the lift that would be required, and the cost of the project.
  1. Next Meeting: A date for the next Board meeting was not set. As soon as the Committee has information regarding a potential date for an AGM, a Board meeting will be set.

Adjournment @ 9:25pm. Approved by Ralph and Seconded by Bill.

Riad Assaf