Board Meeting Agenda


May 16, 2018


6:30 PM


Leon Pfeiffer, Ralph Bullis, Bill Teeple, Keray Henke, Nancy Muzyka, Peggi Hryniowski, Amanda Kadavil, Marla Daniels, Kim Pawluk, Hasu Rajani, Daksha Rajani, Luther Haave, Greg Olson, Rob Thomas, Jim Bradshaw (representing Ridge Community League)



Meeting Minutes

PROXIES:  Murray and Karey Koch, Terri Biasini, Lee and Korin Konidas, JoAnn and Bill McGoey, Susan Carnahen Darcie Klen, Peter Pirquet,  M. Stefanyk, K. Lucas and P. Fall, Anne Marie Jess, Sharon Sandil, Terry and Connie Huff, Marie Ulveland.

A quorum of 14 plus 13 proxies was established.  Nancy Muzyka moved that the quorum be accepted.  Bill Teeple seconded.

  1.   Call to Order – Ralph called the meeting to order at 1843h.
  1. Acknowledgement of Proxies – 13 proxies received and 14 homeowners present.
  1. Approval of  2017 AGM Minutes:

Keray Henke made a motion that minutes be adopted as circulated.

Greg Olson seconded.  Carried

4.    President’s Report:  Leon presented the President’s message.  Summarized the past 12 months of Board activities.  

A reminder that homeowners need to take pride in their personal property and uphold the bylaws of the HOA. 

Fence maintenance an ongoing project and takes annual significant financial commitment.  We will continue to maintain and extend the life of the fence.  This year there will be some post replacement due to rot and carpenter ant infiltration.

Developments:  Henderson Park  - still don’t know where the City is at regarding to developing the space.  

Terwillegar Drive development will also have impact.  We hope that it won’t push traffic to Rabbit Hill Road and Riverbend Road; we need to stay mindful of proposals for exits, etc.

5.   Treasurer’s Report:  Ralph Bullis has been the acting treasurer for the past year, as we had no volunteer.

  1. Financials were sent out mid-April which included accounts for 2017 showing budgets and actual.  Audit has been completed.   Bill Teeple made a motion to accept 2017 Financials (audited).  Keray Henke seconded.  Carried.

Actual for last year:   $47,484    Budget 2017 $46,875   Variance: $609

All lighting at the tower and gates was replaced with LED lighting and that has translated to significant saving in power use.

Fence maintenance:  The Reserve Fund pays for the fence maintenance and then we reimburse the Reserve Fund out of operating funds.

Reserve Fund Study – mandated to be done every 5 years.  Was done in 2017.  It cost $1838.  Wade Engineering did the study.  We will post this to the website.  

Reserve Fund:  GIC:  $212,000

                Cash on hand:  $43,000

Budget 2018 – Essentially unchanged from last year.  

A motion was made by Keray Henke to accept the Budget as distributed.  Seconded by Peggy  Hrynowski.    Carried.

  1. Administrator’s Report:  Leon provided the report on behalf of Sheyleen Pfeiffer.
  1. Five homeowners delinquent for annual homeowners fee.
  1. One homeowner is several years delinquent and we are proceeding with legal action.  The homeowner will be held responsible for all fees incurred as per the bylaws of the HOA.
  1. New Business:

Jim Bradshaw was present from the Ridge Community League and was invited to speak to the following:

a.  Henderson Park Development – no significant new information regarding development in Henderson Park.  Jim met with Tim Cartmell two weeks ago, with regards to the issue.  It was pointed out that Falconer Heights residents are also users of Henderson Park because they only have a small pocket playground/park.  Henderson has been designated as “subsidized housing” which could include senior housing or low-income housing and anything “in between”.   A proposal was made by the community league to have a drop-in senior’s centre and a library located there instead.    Apparently the library was not interested.  Henderson Park is next in the queue for development – after Ogilvie.

Community Garden proposed by the Community League to be located in Henderson Park – east of the playground and north of the basketball court.  You need about 15 people to be a core group to undertake this.  It has been “advertised” in the Ragg Times.

b.  Terwillegar Drive Expansion – community engagement sessions have been held.  Currently there is nothing planned.  They hoped to do engineering in 2018 for 40 Ave. but nothing has been initiated as yet.

c.  ERHA Bylaw enforcement – 2.3.5 – no recreational vehicles or trailers shall be parked or kept on property (except in garage) for longer than 48 hours.   It was reinforced that the bylaws will be enforced.  

d.  Signage on perimeter fence  - no signage is allowed.  Real Estate and election signs are not permitted on perimeter fence.    

e.  Exterior home renovations – all exterior changes must conform to the architectural guidelines of the bylaws.  Any questions can be taken to the board.

f.  ERHA Board – length of term.  The current ERHA Bylaws state that Board Members shall serve a maximum of three years in an executive position, and then will take a minimum of one year away.    We need to change the bylaw so there is an option for a longer term. (i.e. 3 years with the option for re-election 3 times.).  The Board will pursue this next year – 21 days notice is required, as well as 75% of the homeowner’s voting in favour.  

  1. Board Nominations and Elections
  1. Amanda Kadavil will let her name stand.
  2. Greg Olson will let his name stand.
  3. Ralph Bullis will let his name stand.
  4. Keray Henke will let his name stand.
  5. Leon Pfeiffer will let his name stand – past President
  6. Bill Teeple will let his name stand.

Nancy Muzyka made a motion to approve the nominations for the Board.  Peggy Hryniowski seconded.

  1. A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Keray Henke and seconded by Rob Thomas.  Adjourned at 2013 h. 

Nancy Muzyka

Recording Secretary