Board Meeting Agenda


June 1, 2017


7:00 PM





Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to Order at 1910h
  2. Approval of Meeting Minutes – November 28, 2016 – Carried
  3. Business Arising From Minutes
    a. Newsletter - was distributed with the invoices.
    b. Surplus School Site – Leon had nothing new to report. It will likely be dependent upon the amount of infrastructure dollars (Provincial and Federal) that come available to the City.
    c. River City Contract – Ralph has reviewed the contract that we have with Doug. Ralph will send it to all the Board members to review and approve for 2017.
    d. Christmas Decorations – Ralph and Doug (River City) took the decorations down and stored them in the Tower.

    On removal, it was noted that a light on Heffernan needed to be replaced and a bulb on the east side of the gate. Doug was going to replace the bulb. Our fixtures are getting quite dated (parts are hard to get) and we need to consider replacing them. We would need to get an electrician to install. Ralph will get an electrician to assess and give a quote.

    Leon will check on whether a grant might be available.
    e. Sump Pump Drainage/Ice on Sidewalks – Nancy discussed the issue of ice on sidewalks from sump drainage. The City has indicated that the only recourse is to file a formal complaint that would be delivered to the homeowner. The homeowner would have the option to take the complainant to court. The City will not send out a Bylaw Officer to attend this.

    The Eagle Ridge Homeowner’s Association Board has provided reminders in the newsletters that the homeowner would be liable if an injury was incurred due to improper sump drainage.
  1. Financial Report
    a. Update of Current Expenses
    - Ralph provided the current income statement.
    We have 14 delinquent fees from 2016. There are also 3 or 4 outstanding from 2015. We have approximately 170 left for this year. Ralph and Peggy continue to pursue the fee collection.

    Ralph has added a variance in to accommodate for the unpaid 2016 fees.

    After March 1, a registered letter will go out to the homeowner requesting payment of HOA fees. If unpaid 30 days following that, we will consult a lawyer to issue a letter and the homeowner will be billed for the legal fees, as well.

    Nola McKay will be doing the audit for 2016.

    b. Reserve Fund
    – As of Dec. 31, 2016, the balance in the Reserve Fund is $198,239.87.
    c. Budget 2017
    – We should collect close to $49,000 in HOA fees and will plan to have some excess to put into the Reserve Fund.

    We discussed capping the fence posts which are rotting. Ralph put a few on last summer and they seem to be working. Ralph and a neighbor will put together an estimate to cap the posts. There are some posts that are rotting through – post replacement is approx. $1000/post because of the concrete that they are set in. Bill will ask Mr. Chen if he has any sort of solution for being able to repair the compromised posts and what the cost would be.

    Peggy will check with Cascade Fencing to see if they would give a quote for repairs to posts and fencing where erosion has occurred.

    d. 2017 Invoices – Went out in January and are collecting.
  1. New Business

    a. AGM Date and Notification
    - Nancy will request May 10, 2017 at Riverbend Library at 7:00 p.m.

    Nancy will put the signs out. Nancy will also ensure that it is on the front page of the website; post notices on the mailboxes; see about placing an ad in the Ragg Times; and have it posted on the Henderson Park sign.

    b. Parking issue – transport van on the street
    – A neighbour has been parking a transport van on the street outside of another neighbor’s home on Heacock. The homeowner was advised that the Board has no ability to intervene and was directed to the City.
    c. Question of Bylaw review
    - The Board cannot do a review of the Bylaws without a lawyer being included in the review process.
    d. Administrator’s position on Board
    – Peggy will continue in the position until the AGM in May. Terri may consider resuming the position if her health is improved by then. Otherwise we will be needing to fill the position.
    e. Fence Work
    – this year we will do the front of Eagle Ridge Point – from Heffernan to the bus turnaround. Maximum of $15,000 work.
    f. Landscape issue
    – home on Heffernan/Heacock. The homeowner has provided a bill to the Board for fence repair and removal of shrubs. As it was an area that was assessed by the Board, the refurbishment of the area was done in conjunction with the homeowner. The Board had agreed to cover the pro rata share. A cheque will be issued for $912.45.
  1. Next Meeting – April 3, 2017 – 7:00 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 2050h

Nancy Muzyka