Board Meeting Agenda


August 11, 2021







Dec 8, 2021

  1. Oct. 17/21 It has been noted by EPS that 682 Henderson has a multi-camera security system and has been surveilling the neighbourhood with both video and long-range audio recordings.  Unfortunately there is no law against this system but it is notable that they are able to record conversations on other driveways, doorsteps, and yards, in any direction that they have cameras aligned.
  2. Wade Engineering - Depreciation Study
  3. Nov. 6/21 Ralph made a motion that a donation of $100 be made in memory of Bob Butler to the EPL Read Program. Greg Seconded. Moved unanimously via e-mail responses. Sheyleen made the donation on behalf of ERHA. She was reimbursed Nov. 10/21
  4. Lights out at RB Rd and RBH Rd Eagle Ridge sign, as well as at entrance to Heffernan. Leon and Greg were going to see if the covers could be removed and bulbs replaced, or if an electrician is needed.
  5. Leon requested information from Doug Bains re: stringing lights on spruce trees at entrance to Henderson.
  6. Signage quotes for new sandwich boards.
  7. Motion made by Greg on October. 14, 2021 Seconded by Nancy.
  • instruct the administrator to purchase a chrome book computer and warranty not to exceed $800.00 combined cost.
  • instruct the administrator to migrate our email and documentation back end to Google Docs basic at $7.80 per month hosting fee. This includes spreadsheets, word processing, web design software, presentation software etc.

That is the most basic package available, and is probably enough to meet our needs. The administrator can advise us if our needs are not met with that package at which time we can re-evaluate, the next business package is $15.00 per month.

Yea: Leon, Nancy, Greg, Jamie, Bill