Board Meeting Agenda


August 20, 2018


7:00 PM


Keray Henke, Leon Pfieffer, Sheyleen Pfieffer, Bill Teeple, Greg Olsen, Amanda Kadavil


Ralph Bullis

Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to Order at 19h13m.
  2. Approval of Minutes – April 12, 2018. Approved by Leon, seconded by Bill.
  3. Business Arising From The Minutes:
  • Signage for walkways (littering/picking up after pets)
    - Leon motion to approve the expenditure provided by Nancy, subject to Ralph’s due diligence, seconded by Greg.
  • Pixel Army website refit/upgrade
    - This has been paid $419.99- upgrade to PHP7.
  • Herring Cooper-Heacock median green rehabilitation
    - Greg is aware of a person who is landscaping in the area, he is going to get his info/ a quote to compare
    - Board to get a quote from Doug
  • Fence Work
    - Post Caps – few neighbours have asked for postcaps for their yards. Keray will find the info and send to Amanda
    - Painting - Done
  1. Financial Report
  • Annual HOA fee collection
    - Total collected: $46, 202.27
    - Total outstanding: $1,420
    - Sheyleen’s report : 4 members left to pay
    - Home 1 - $175
    - Home 2 - *$845
    - Home 3 - $175
    - Home 4 - $175 - owner passed away in December, selling real estate agent will be made aware of the outstanding fee– Sheyleen will contact the real estate agent so this outstanding fee will not go to legal action but will be added to the sale of the home
    - Late Fees Issue
    - Late fees $20 every 6 months starting September 1st (due March 1st)
    - Last letter sent was August 3rd
    - Next step for 3 outstanding homes is legal action and adding the $20 late fee
    - Contact lawyer, Geirhart, for instructions re letter to 3 outstanding homes. Letter to include copies of disbursements and Sheyleen’s disbursements for her time.
    - Bill: bylaw change suggestion at next AGM- 75% of votes to compound interest on late fees
    - Sheyleen: bylaw change suggestion at next AGM re: $20 late fees article 15 bylaw amendment 4.02B(ix) (a)(b): late payment penalty
    - 24 months needs to be decreased to 6 months
    - Board has passed a motion to proceed with legal action against a 929 Heacock
  • Annual return - Done
    - Sheyleen to email the Q2.
  1. New Business
  • Bylaw review-Leon following up with Gary Biasini
    - Leon will be contacting Gary
    - Motion to pass a bylaw amendment to address the issue with the Board positions
  • Letter re: “Trashy Driveways”
    - Ralph drafted the letter and the Board has approved it- Sheyleen to send to the email addresses if we do not have the email address we can drop off a letter to the home owner
  • Letter to Tim Cartmell re: Henderson Park greenspace development
    - Greg Olsen abstaining from the conversation due to potential conflict
    Leon to draft a letter from the Board re: suggestions for utilizing the space and potential issues with using the space for proposed purpose
  • Other
    - Garbage bins that are coming to Edmonton soon - Board will need to create bylaw to deal with homeowners keeping bins on their driveways longer than a certain acceptable amount of time, to be determined
    - Board to send a letter to home owner xxxxxx re: compliance with bylaws and his current violations, advise that legal action is pending
    - Nancy to put up sandwich board signs re: obey the bylaws check them out online
    - Discuss the possibility of marijuana restrictions

Next Meeting- October 2nd, 2018 at 7pm

Meeting adjourned at 20h40m.

Amanda Kadavil,