Board Meeting Agenda


August 22, 2022


7:00 PM


Sheyleen Pfeiffer, Leon Pfeiffer, Nancy Muzyka, Garry Biasini, Bill Teeple, Bill Scott, Hali Kaur



Meeting Minutes

1. Approval of Minutes – July 6, 2022 – Bill Teeple motion, Nancy Muzyka second to approve. 

2. Administrator Report

5 homes outstanding, line has been put on XXXX Heavener Bay. John Campbell will issue a letter to the 4 outstanding homes to collect payment. Total amount outstanding is $1164.24. Garry indicated as we are a secured creditor we should move ahead on the list for the Winter’s bankruptcy.

3. Treasurer’s Report

$29,040 bank balance. Outstanding invoices from Mr Chen and May month from River City Landscape, email has been sent to River City requesting May invoice. Fence repair continues to be the largest expense $23, 437.34 spent to date. 

4. Reserve Fund study

Needs to be done this year and the board is actively looking for a new engineering company to complete this. Leon Pfeiffer will get 2 quotes for this study.

5. Website

New website, waiting for a quote from Doug Lewis’ contact.   

6. Fence update

Rabbit Hill road and Riverbend Road are complete with caps and collars added.

7. Tower Lights

Bill Scott replaced the cone light in the big spotlight, both are working. Timer continues to fall behind and it needs to be reset continuously. Can get a sealed LED unit, however snow won’t melt on top. $240 per light with 6 lights needed and does not include labor. Gary Biasini will take the lead on securing the lights and inquire on labor costs from the electrician. Motion to put forward preliminary budget of $3,000 for the light renovation made by Leon Pfeiffer. Bill Teeple approved the motion, Gary Biasini seconded the motion, all approved.

8. Vault in Tower

Gap at the base of the tower could potentially be the culprit but not sure yet. Bill Scott was the lead, Gary Biasini has indicated he will take over that relationship with the Bombini Brothers. 

9. Vendor List

To be included in the updated newsletter and website which lists recommended vendors per homeowner. 

10. Newsletter

Print and deliver vs email. Property maintenance will be included as an article and separate letters will be issued explaining offenses.

11. Website

Doug Lewis’ daughter in law will redesign the website to make it accessible and easy to use. Will only be used by the community. Hali Kaur will lead this initiative. 

12. New Business 

Bill Scott is leaving effective September 30, 2022. Cathy Fuhr has been appointed to replace Bill Scott on the board and has accepted.  Bill Teeple moves to add her to the board, Gary Biasini approved, Nancy seconded, all approved. Will change signing authority from Bill Scott to Doug Lewis. 

Tree replacement on Henderson Street at the gate. Board is looking to the city to replace the 2 trees and will inquire on a grant to replace if possible. Gary Biasini will check with a vendor to replace. Bill Teeple moves to replace the two trees. Nancy Muzyka seconded the motion, all approved. 

Next meeting – September 21st Wednesday at 7pm. Location to be determined. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm. Motion to adjourn by Bill Teeple, seconded by Nancy Muzyka. All approved.