Board Meeting Agenda


September 8, 2021


7:00 PM





Meeting Minutes

1. Call to Order- Leon@ 7:05pm

2. Acknowledgementof Proxies – A quorum of 18 owners was established with 28 others representedby proxies. Motion moved by Bill, seconded by Keray Henke; motion carried

3. Approval of 2019 AGM Minutes - Motion moved by Bill, seconded by Keray Henke; motion carried

4. President’s Report – Review of 2019 and 2020 Activities – Leon Pfeiffer

COVID-19 hamperedo ur ability to function as we did in previous years. The fence maintenanceprogram did continue but the fence contractor who has been reliable in previousyears starting to fall behind on the fence maintenance program, and as a result,the work was not completed. But the contractor was only paid for the workcompleted. We are currently seeking bids for a new fence maintenancecontractor.

A reminder tohomeowners that the Board is not to be considered policemen. Due to limitedresources and time constraints as well as lack of volunteers, we can only reactto concerns as they arise. One concern was the condition and the maintenance ofthe boulevards.  We are limited in whatwe can do given that these boulevards are the city’s property. We are notallowed to spray chemicals or maintain these boulevards. We have appliedpressure on the city to maintain them with limited success, but we willcontinue to apply pressure.

Regarding theaffordable housing development in Henderson Park. Tim Cartmell did a webinarfor the community to answer questions and concerns. There are no certaintiesaround the specifics of this project. As we hear more, we will update the homeowners.


5. Treasurer’s Report – 2019 – Ralph Bullis

Fromaudited 2019 statement of financial position handout

-         Revenues: $45,391

-         Budget: $45,375

-         Variance: $16

-         If we collectedall HOA fees of $175 on 265 properties, the total amount would come to $46,375.There were 3 homes that necessitated legal fees to put liens on these homes dueto non-payment.

-         We are allowed tomaintain the area around the tower as ERHA pays taxes on it, as opposed to theboulevards which we don’t. City officials acknowledged this when Ralphclarified it to them. The utilities (Epcor) expense covers the lighting at thegates and the tower.

-         Budget for 2020:

o   Increasedprovision for the following: $3,000 for ground maintenance, $500 for insurance,$100 for utilities, $3,500 for webpage services/development.

-         Motion was madeby Bill Teeple to approve 2019 financials and 2020 budget. Nancy Muzyka seconded.Carried.

6. Treasurer’s Report – 2020 – Ralph Bullis

Fromaudited 2020 statement of financial position handout

-         Revenues: $46,103

-         Budget: $46,875

-         Variance: $728

-         Repair andmaintenance: required to up-keep perimeter fences. Regarding the fence betweenEagle Ridge Point and Eagle Ridge Place, ERHA is responsible for the paintingbut both Eagle Ridge Place and Eagle Ridge Point are responsible for replacementof materials. ERHA portion paid was $8,677.

-         Budget for 2021:

o   Increasedprovision for the following: $700 for meetings

o   Webpageservices:  budget for 2021 increased to$10,000 due to increased costs in this area.

o   Fence work: mayneed an additional $2,000 to finish last year’s work

o   Reserve Fund:open discussion from the floor – Luther Haave and Greg Olson mentioned we needto get a new engineering study done which can consider the years’ worth ofannual fence maintenance, which the current study/report (and currentengineering firm) does not take into account. Looking for a new engineeringfirm to do a new study.

Riad agreed with this strategy as ERHA is notgetting the benefit from costs incurred to maintain the fences. The reservefund study assumes a replacement value with zero maintenance. The goal of thenew study should quantify the maintenance performed over the years and readjustthe figures regarding costs and replacement timelines (life expectancies) withrespect to these assets. Then we can budget appropriately for any shortfalls orsurpluses.

§   Timeline for this item most likely aiming for 2022 hence will bein 2022 budget.

-         Motion was madeby Keray Henke to approve 2020 financials and 2021 budget. Greg Olson seconded.Carried.

7. NewBusiness:  No new business

8. Board Nominations and Election

-         Bill Teeplenominated Bob Butler. Bob accepted.

-         Bill Teeplenominated Nancy Muzyka. Nancy accepted.

-         Leon Pfeiffernominated Greg Olson. Greg accepted.

-         Nancy Muzykanominated Doug Lewis. Bill Teeple accepted in Doug’s absence.

-         Ralph Bullisnominated Jamie Ludwig. Jamie accepted.

-         Luther Haavenominated Bill Scot. Bill Accepted.

-         Jamie Ludwignominated Leon Pfeiffer. Leon accepted.

-         Leon nominatedRalph Bullis. Ralph accepted.

LutherHaave, Riad Assaf, and Bill Teeple have decided to not let their names standfor re-election.

Since the above accepted nominations amounted to 8 and the maximum board members allowed is 7,Greg Olson suggested that Ralph Bullis act as an advisor to the Board asopposed to an executive member. This will allow Ralph to help transition theTreasurer duties to the new Treasurer. Ralph accepted.

As it stands, thenominations are:

-         Bob Butler

-         Nancy Muzyka

-         Greg Olson

-         Doug Lewis

-         Jamie Ludwig

-         Bill Scot

-         Leon Pfeiffer


Bill Teeplemotioned to accept nominations. Jamie Ludwig accepted. Carried.


9. Bill Teeplemotioned to adjourn. Jamie Ludwig seconded.

Adjournment @ 8:10pm