Board Meeting Agenda


September 8, 2020


7:00 PM


Leon Pfeiffer, Riad Assaf, Ralph Bullis, James Ludwig, Luther Haave


Greg Olsen, William Teeple

Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to order @ 7:10pm
  2. Approval of Minutes – Approved by Leon, seconded by Ralph.
  3. AGM: due to COVID-19, we need to find a place large enough to ensure proper social distancing. Leon will check with a couple of churches that he has in mind that would work well. AGM target date to be around mid-November. Once a suitable location is secured, a notification will go out to the members.
  4. Weed complaints: some community members have complained about the state of the flower beds on entry ways such as on Heacock Road and Herring-Cooper Way. Although we have had challenges with a prior landscaping crew, we have hired a new crew which is better, but the issue isn’t the landscaping company. These beds are the property of the City of Edmonton. Unfortunately, the City of Edmonton has reduced many services therefore, the cost to clean up these beds, would need to be covered by ERHA. The Reserve Fund, contrary to what some members may believe, cannot be used for any or all types of expenses. The Reserve Fund is for specific purposes only, such as Fence maintenance. The Board will assess the cost of maintaining the beds and then communicate this back to the members to determine next steps. More information on the Reserve Fund can be found on the ERHA website.
  5. Fence Painting Status: Painting company is behind schedule due to a death in the family, COVID-19 issues, staffing issues, etc. Painter contacted the Board to inform that he is back in town, has purchased more material and is confident he will finish the task on schedule.
  6. Properties in arrears of HOA Fees: Sheyleen to draft a demand letter in order to place liens on these properties, whose owners have failed to pay the HOA fees after numerous reminders and warnings. Luther to provide this letter to the Lawyer to proceed with the liens. Motioned by Luther to accept, seconded by Ralph.
  7. Item to be added to AGM agenda: explain the 2017 Reserve Study, which is on the website (Ralph to confirm), and to discuss caveats, bylaws, etc. Luther will put together a list in bullet point form which will make it simpler to understand for members.
  8. Motion to adjourn by Ralph @ 8:15 pm, Approved by Leon, seconded by Riad.

Riad Assaf