Board Meeting Agenda


September 21, 2022


7:00 PM


Leon Pfeiffer,Nancy Muzyka, Bill Teeple, Doug Lewis, Gary Biasini, Hali Kaur, Cathy Fuhr, Sheyleen Pfeiffer



Meeting Minutes

1.Call to Order at 7:10 (Minutes amended)

2. Approval of Agenda and Meeting Minutes from August 22, 2022 (Motion by Bill and seconded by Nancy)

3. Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s report from Nancy

Issue of whether there is enough money for the Reserve Fund - we will wait until December to determine if money is moved into the Reserve Fund

Annual fees due December 31, 2022 with a 90 day grace period - notice of fees will go out in December

Nancy will start drafting the budget for next year (everything is more expensive)

Reserve Fund study will be provided (quotes will be coming in shortly)

4. Administrator Update

-1017 (still outstanding and given the response from the homeowner it is time to put a lien on the property)

-720 - house is being sold

-941 - will require a home visit

-954 - new homeowner has been doing a lot of work and said he will submit a payment this week

-1005 - $1,008 is currently owing (will be putting a lien on the house)

-Letter to new homeowners - advising what they must pay and outlining what they are receiving in return.  We have to continue to inform property owners of what they are receiving in return for their annual fees.  Nancy will look about getting a sign stating that the fences are maintained by the Community Association.

5. Fencing Update

-fencing completed (fence along Riverbend Road has over hanging branches and uneven ground - Leon will ask the homeowners to trim the trees)

6. Website Update

Web design presentation by Vitoria Dias

Website - bulletin board

Individual access/Association involvement

Manual notice to members

Will have to ensure parameters are clear - what should and can be posted

How to update contact information about people moving in and out of the neighborhood - the moderator will control the profile and update the profile.  Sheyleen can keep the Moderator updated with respect to people in and out of the neighborhood.

Issue of how to ensure engagement by the community

Demonstration of mock up of possible website 


-monthly or annual payment to the web company (about $200 US/year

-web design $7,500

-maintenance either monthly or hourly - $40.00 per hour

-use the first 6 months or so to determine the most effective cost approach on a go forward basis

General access - lawyers and real estate agents require access (from outside of the community) 

Pixel Army — meeting with Cathy and Nancy

- pretty basic - it would be more attractive but really doesn’t allow flexibility ($3,400)

- second tier - weekly or bi-weekly posting ($5,000 to $8,000 and closer to $8,000 if building in profiles) 

- hosting the website is about $400 per year but no charges over the last 10 years

- can keep the domain name if a new company

- examples of sites - are very good

- Cost is about the same between Ms. Dias and Pixel Army

- Sheyleen has had issues with Pixel Army in the past

- Motion by Nancy and seconded by Sheyleen to use Vitoria Dias (unanimous - Doug did not participate in the vote).  At this point the decision is when the Association will be going ahead with the website redesign.

7. New Business

-Reserve Fund Study - Leon will have quotes next week

-Vendors’ List - include Mr. Chen (is he going to be more reliable - should he be on the list (contact Bill - email - when contacting Mr. Chen)

8. Next Meeting Date and Location

November 1 at Gary’s at 7:00 

9. Adjourn Meeting

Motion to adjourn by Cathy and seconded by Nancy (passed)