Board Meeting Agenda


September 23, 2019


7:00 PM


William Teeple, Luther Haave, Riad Assaf, Leon Pfeiffer.


Greg Olsen, Ralph Bullis, James Ludwig

Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to Order @ 7:00pm
  2. Approval of Minutes – Approved by Bill, seconded by Leon.
  3. Outstanding dues: down to 4 names – approx. $1k owing and mostly from one person.
  • Warning letter to be issued with respect to new bylaws passed. Home owner to be responsible for additional costs resulting from this.
  1. Fence staining update: remains within budget. Mr. John Graham has graciously agreed to volunteer his time to support the Board in liaising with the Landscaping Crew.
  2. Recreational vehicle parking violation update: letters to be sent to homeowners who are not in compliance (currently 3).
  3. Sump pump policy communication to residents: there is no blanket authorization coming from the city, therefore, each resident must approach the city on an individual basis. Leon to draft and communicate more info on this.
  4. Letters / communication to residents regarding the following: poor landscaping maintenance, poor fence maintenance, storage of building materials resulting in infestation of pests, other specific requests. Luther to assist with this.
  5. New Business:
  • Registration of Bylaw Amendments: submitted for registration to the govt. Keray to provide update on this.
  • Communication strategy and website upgrade (currently done by Ralph and Luther will assist with this)
  • Board policy on common property maintenance and on individual property maintenance: to be addressed via letters. Also, suggest landscaping company to help homeowners who need guidance and/or may be too busy.
  1. Next meeting: November 19, 2019 @ 7pm at Jamie Ludwig’s residence
    Approved by Riad, seconded by Bill
  2. Adjournment - @ 8:30pm Approved by William, seconded by Riad.

Riad Assaf