Board Meeting Agenda


October 13, 2021


8:00 PM


Leon Pfeiffer, Nancy Muzyka, Bob Butler, Doug Lewis, Greg Olson, Bill Scott, Ralph Bullis.


Jamie Ludwig

Meeting Minutes

  1. Meeting Called to Order at 2010h.
  2. Appointment of Executive - 2021-22 ERHA Board
  • President: Greg Olson
  • Treasurer: Nancy Muzyka
  • Secretary: Bob Butler
  1. AGM Minutes: The Minutes will not be adopted until the next AGM. However, members were asked if there were any noted errors or omissions that should be noted for next year’s AGM. It was noted that the Financial Statements had been audited - that was to be corrected in the Minutes of the AGM. We will check to see if the Minutes were posted to the ERHA website.
  2. Treasurer’s Report: Ralph presented the Financial Statements and provided documentation of the payments made including any cheques that have been issued but not yet cashed.
  3. Administrator’s Report: Sheyleen was commended for her diligence in collections. It is a big job to get all the statements out and follow up with collection letters, sometimes repeatedly, and then undertake the documentation for filing liens against properties that do not pay.

    To date there was $48,850 collected including $1973.00 which was interest and legal fees assessed to owners who were delinquent. There are 5 Homeowners who have not yet paid for 2021.
  1. Business Arising from AGM and 2020-21 Board Meetings:
  • Fall Newsletter: Nancy will provide sample newsletters to Bob and he will put together a fall newsletter for e-mail to residents.
  • Tree Lights - Henderson Entrance - ERHA has replaced 2/4 tree lights with white LED. It was suggested that the other two trees should be done. Leon will check with Doug Baines (Landscaping) to see if he can arrange this.
  • Creation of Working Committees (To include non-Board members).

    It was suggested that several working committees be struck to address some of issues in the neighbourhood. It would present an opportunity for residents who have interest/expertise to join a committee without the commitment of being on the Board. It was further suggested that a Board Member represent the Board on each working committee. Suggestions for Committees
    - Henderson Park Development Committee - Leon
    - Bylaw Support Committee- fee collection, architectural guidelines, etc.
    - Website redevelopment committee - increasing the functionality of the website (i.e. payment button, easier access to architectural guidelines, etc). This is a project that should seek bids from a few website design companies.
    - Grounds Committee - dealing with annual fence maintenance and coordinating with groundskeeper (Doug).
  • Big Bin Day - Spring and Fall with The Ridge Homeowners Association. Approximately 15 ERHA members took advantage of the Big Bin Day.
  • Derelict/Unkempt Properties - It has been suggested that a letter be given to homeowners, along with photos, asking that they remedy specific issues that are creating unsightly concerns (ultimately affecting neighbouring property values) or weed or rodent infestations. A specific list of things that would be considered “derelict or unkempt” may need to be drawn up. There was an update to the Bylaws of the Association a couple of years ago, giving the Board some authority to identify concerns and issue fines if necessary. The Board is very reluctant to undertake this sort of “policing” and more consideration will be given to how it may be undertaken.
  1. New Business:
  • Sandwich Board Signs - It is noted that we seem to only have one of the three heavy wooden signs. No one is aware of what has happened to two of them - they may have been picked up by the City at some time in the past. Ideally we would have three signs to put out for advertising various ERHA events (i.e. AGM, Notification of HOA fees, Big Bin Days, Check your E-Mail for updated newsletter, etc…). Nancy will get pricing for a couple of different options that would be lighter to move and easier to store.
  1. Adjournment: Motion to adjourn meeting at 2130h made by Leon Pfeiffer. Seconded by Greg Olson.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday December 7, 2021 at 2000 h. Nancy will send a Zoom link prior to the meeting.

Nancy Muzyka
Recording Secretary