Board Meeting Agenda


November 4, 2016


7:00 PM


Leon Pfeiffer (Chair), Terri Biasini (Administrator), Bill Teeple (Member at large), Nancy Muzyka (Secretary), Ralph Bullis (Treasurer)



Meeting Minutes

1. Call to order at 1901h

2. Acknowledgement of Proxies

A quorum of 11 owners was established with 15 present plus 15 represented by proxy.

Keray Henke motioned quorum be accepted. Marla Daniels seconded. Carried.

3. Approval of 2015 AGM Minutes

Motion to accept Minutes as circulated. Stan Papulkas made motion. Terri Biasini seconded. Carried.

4. President's Report – Review of 2014 Activities

Acknowledgement of maintaining community to maintain the value of our homes.

On-going fence rehabilitation and maintenance:

In 2015 – fence repair and painting maintenance. 2016 work has been completed along Rabbit Hill Road from Riverbend Road to gates on Heffernan. Replacement of rotten boards is ongoing as well, as part of the maintenance of the fence.

Continuing to look at capping some of the black posts to avoid core rotting.


One more median in the cul de sac on Heffernan and Herring Cooper Way was done last year. The City has not maintained these, so we have undertaken these repairs/revitalization programs over the past several years.

Stone Rehabilitation

Stone tower and entrance gates are being rehabilitated this year. The Bombini Brothers will be undertaking this work. They were the original constructors. Quotes for restoration work were obtained from three companies. Bombini was the most reasonable and, because of the history constructing the stone work, were keen to undertake the project.

Potential development of southwest corner of Henderson Park. The property is a surplus school site that was purchased by the City for multi-family development. Bryan Anderson (City Council) has indicated that this will be a "go" project. Our hope is that the community can have some involvement in having input into the development. Stopping the development, maintaining a greenspace or other development, is highly unlikely. It will be important that the community demonstrates solidarity in approaching the City.

A resident had been informed by Bryan Anderson's secretary that a development for 50 low-income housing units was expected to be started in September 2016. Leon indicated that there is no definitive decision at this time and that it has not been decided at the City level yet.

Bill Teeple suggested that a letter from those in our neighborhood and the neighboring communities, should be signed and sent to Bryan Anderson indicating extreme concern for the constituents in his riding. No one volunteered to undertake this at this time.

Leon indicated that sites in Haddow are currently designated to be First Place Homes, Bulyea will be getting a senior housing development. Henderson has been indicated for one of the several other housing "types" – multi-family. The area needs to be rezoned and will likely be rated for multi-family – could be a 4 story condominium complex.

ACT For Community has taken the City to court for Haddow's First Place development. This is pending.

A suggestion was made to try to coordinate a meeting with Eagle Ridge, River Ridge, and Falconer Heights to try to come up with a plan that we could take forward and possibly to have some input into what will ultimately be built. We will try to get a group of interested residents together to provide input and direction to coordinating residents and advertising the concern.

Motion to accept President's Report made by Stan Daniels. Seconded Keray Henke. Carried.

5. Treasurer's Report:

Ralph Bullis presented the financial reports for 2015.
Ralph Bullis presented the Budget for 2016.

See ERHA website for Financial reports and Budget.

Motion to accept Treasurer's report. Rene Hyde made motion.
Marla Daniels seconded. Carried.

6. New Business:

The question was raised about whether we could do anything with the tower that would generate funds. i.e. a cell tower?? If individuals have ideas, they are welcome to bring them forward to the Board.

Outstanding fees: 74% deposited of 2016 fees. 89 remaining to collect.

There are still outstanding fees from 2015. Terri is following up on these.

Vandalism increasing in the area. Not just in Eagle Ridge but the surrounding areas. Homeowner's should be keeping watch in the neighbourhood. If there is an incident, please report to the police.

Maintenance of property – for the most part properties are well maintained. Every year we need to deal with some in the neighbourhood that are not maintaining a minimum standard.

ERHA paints the exterior of the fence around the perimeter of Eagle Ridge. We need to get the message to homeowner's to maintain the inside of the perimeter fence and ALL HOMEOWNERS need to maintain their fences (interior and exterior).

A reminder that RV's and boats, etc. cannot be on a driveway longer than 48 hours.

Blue boxes and garbage cans are not to be left out longer than 24 hours prior to pick up by City. Residents are required to clean up if their garbage makes a mess – birds and coyotes will break bags open.

Ralph spoke about a program called Fire Safe that provides information to individuals about types of product to use in gardening and construction.

7. Board Nominations and Election

The ERHA allows for a Board of 7.
Leon Pfeiffer will stay on as Chair.
Ralph Bullis will stay on as Treasurer.
Bill Teeple will stay as member at large.
Keray Henke will join the board as a member at large.
Terri Biasini will stay as Administrator.
Nancy Muzyka will stay as Secretary.

Motion to accept Board made by Sheyleen Pfeiffer.
Seconded by Marla Daniels. Carried.

8. Meeting adjourned at 2015h.

Nancy Muzyka