Board Meeting Agenda


November 8, 2022


7:00 PM


Leon Pfeiffer, Nancy Muzyka, Bill Teeple,Cathy Fuhr, Sheyleen Pfeiffer, Gary Biasini (by video conference), Doug Lewis


Nancy Muzyka absent 7:45 - 8:15

Meeting Minutes

1. Call to Order at 7:10 on November 8, 2022 (Agenda amended)

2. Approval of Agenda and Meeting Minutes from September 21, 2022 (Motion to accept the Minutes by Nancy and seconded by Bill - passed unanimously)

3. Website Update

-Nancy suggested we retain Ms. Dias (quoted price of $7,500)

-important to ensure By-Laws are included

-Move to proceed with website - motion by Nancy and seconded by Bill (passed unanimously with Doug abstaining)

-Nancy, Cathy and Sheyleen will meet with Ms. Dias to discuss and finalize the contents of the website.

4. Treasurer’s Report 

-Financial Statement October 31, 2022 (budget attached)

Bank Balance    $21,269.32

Reserve Fund   $253,269.00

-15,800 balance at year end (estimate)

-amount to reserve fund (no amount decided but hoping to contribute $5,000 and will determine closer to year end)

-Treasurer’s Statement accepted (move to accept by Bill and seconded by Cathy)

5. Fence Update/Fence Committee

  • Kyle (back in painting business - used previously)

- Student Works (contact has given up franchise - can put us in touch with another contact)

- Committee to deal with fence

- We need to focus on areas that should be targeted (to control costs) - we have to determine what is the Association’s responsibility)

-  Strike a committee and then start trying to identify companies/people who can do the work (Bill suggesting Mr. Chen and he will monitor Mr. Chen and ensure he is meeting timelines).  Bill and Leon will be the committee and Doug will assist)

-Motion to create a committee (Bill and Leon) and assess in the Spring as to what has to be done - retain Mr. Chen for 2023 with Bill monitoring Mr. Chen’s scheduling).  The Committee will also consider whether the Home Owners’ Association is responsible for the fence behind Heffernan Drive (did the Association take on responsibility and if it did when did the Association do so).  Gary is reviewing the Bylaws and Restrictive Covenants and will give guidance on the scope of fence that is the responsibility of the ERHA.

6. Administrator’s Report

-will forward invoices for 2023 shortly

-XXX Heacock Road (lien)

-XXXX Heavener Bay (lien)

-XXXX Heavener Bay (lien)

-Instructions to lawyer

-letter to three properties

-advise of lien and legal costs owing

-full amount owing and legal fees

7. New Business

-Cathy obtaining quotes for stringing lights on trees at Henderson entrance (some companies indicated it is too late in the season because of the weather).  Cathy will continue making enquiries and will report to either Leon or the Board.  Sheyleen will contact Doug (landscaping) to determine whether he can string the lights.

-$200 to Bill for lights for the entry to Eagle Ridge Place (motion by Bill, seconded by Leon and passed)

-Nancy and Tim trimmed the trees at Henderson entrance.  Unfortunately no one was able to help with a truck to remove the branches.  Nancy found a company (Bye Bye Junk) who came and removed the branches prior to the snowfall.  The cost was $210 from the Landscaping budget.

8. Next Meeting Date and Location

-December 13, 2022 at 7:00 at Gary’s

9. Motion to adjourn -

Cathy, Bill seconded (unanimous)