Board Meeting Agenda


November 27, 2016


7:00 PM


Leon Pfeiffer, Keray Henke, Bill Teeple, Ralph Bullis, Nancy Muzyka, Peggy Hryniowski



Meeting Minutes

1. Call to Order at 1910h.

2. Business Arising from the Minutes:

a. Administration – Terri Biasini formally resigned her position as Administrator.

Ralph has taken over the responsibilities of fee collection and reviewing e-mails that had accumulated in the ERHA account.

He has been re-invoicing those who have not paid 2016 fees and has been attempting to collect. There were approximately 80 homes with fees outstanding.

We discussed the invoicing for fees for 2017. The Board has decided that we will do an invoice and enclose a letter or newsletter which outlines the bylaw regarding fees and ERHA information. We will offer payment by e-transfer or cheque. We will also give a 60 day payment deadline and then follow-up with registered letter to those who have not paid. We will do the invoices by letter mail rather than e-mail. The plan is to have them out by mid-January.

Bill Teeple made a motion to pay $600 to Terri Biasini from the Administration stipend. The remaining $600 to Ralph Bullis or charity of his choice. Seconded by Leon Pfeiffer. Carried.

We have asked Peggy Hryniowski to assume the position of Interim Administrator. She will work with Ralph to coordinate the invoice for January and other administrator duties. The Board is appreciative of Peggy’s willingness to assist at this time!

b. Surplus School Site – nothing new to report.

3. Financial Report

a. Current Expenses: Ralph reviewed this year’s expenses. If we can collect the outstanding dues, we will come in on budget.

b. Reserve fund holdings:

Presently $204,108.15 is being held in GIC.

Reserve Fund analysis may need to be done in 2018. Ralph will check to confirm the date.

c. Budget 2016 – provided we can collect the outstanding fees, we will be on budget.

d. 2017 Proposed Budget:

Increase fence budget to $15,000.
Increase Office Supplies budget to account for increased postage and printing.
Increase Legal to $2000

e. 2017 Invoices/Newsletter – previously addressed in Minutes.

5. New Business

a. Administrator Honorarium – addressed in Minutes previously.

b. River City Contract – discussed the inconsistency of the billing. Ralph with talk to Doug and ask for clarification on the billing and also request an itemized invoice for auditing purposes.

c. Christmas decorating – Available Board members will get the decorations out of the Tower and put them up at 11:00 Saturday morning, Dec. 3.

d. Newsletters – we will include a note in the January newsletter regarding sump pump drainage, pods/storage/renovation containers, etc.

e. Sump pump drainage – Leon is going to check with the City with regards to the possibility of a special concession regarding sump drainage.

f. RCL Big Bin Event – ERHA contributed $250 for ½ bin. This expenditure was approved through a special e-mail board vote on Nov. 1.

6. Next Meeting: MONDAY JANUARY 30, 2017 AT 7:00 p.m.

Nancy Muzyka