Board Meeting Agenda


December 8, 2016


7:00 PM


Leon Pfeiffer, Keray Henke, Bill Teeple, Ralph Bullis, Nancy Muzyka.


Terri Biasini

Meeting Minutes

1. Call to Order at 1910h

2. Approval of Meeting Minutes - Board Meeting April 6, 2016 – carried

3. Business Arising From Minutes:

  • Fence update – work was completed. Additional work that was completed, beyond the budget, has been deferred for payment until January, 2017.
    Eagle Ridge Place has put the vinyl caps on the fence posts around the complex. Tin snips have been used to make the caps fit, and then staple. They are not very noticeable.
    We discussed somehow vacuuming out the posts where there is sawdust from ant damage, then filling the post with foam and capping with the vinyl caps. There are approximately 750 post caps on the perimeter.
    Leon and Bill will check at local hardware stores to see if the fence caps are available in town. The original ones were ordered from the U.S.
    Bill would check with Mr. Chen to see if he would be undertake the task.
  • Tower Maintenance - Bombini Bros. did the work at the Tower and the gates. It was completed in the summer.
  • Surplus School Site – Nothing new to report. Leon will be attending a Board Meeting with ACT in later September.

4. Administrator’s Report

  • HOA Fee Collection – Terri was unable to attend.
    Ralph is going to speak to Peggy Hryniowski to see if she would be willing to assist with collections. He will then arrange for Terri and Peggy to get together to see what assistance would be helpful.
  • Terri did send an e-mail informing that we are running low on cheques. Ralph will look after ordering more.
  • Terri also mentioned that Terri Mucha had some repairs done to fence that is ultimately the responsibility of the ERHA. We will ask Terri to issue a cheque for $240 (plus GST if applicable).

5. Financial Report

  • Update of Current Expenses – Actual Budget and Variance was reviewed.
  • Reserve Fund – Two bonds came due in July and one is coming up. Ralph will contact the Bank and arrange for a similar type of rollover of the funds.
  • Budget 2016 - Aside from uncollected fees, nothing new to report.

6. New Business:

  • Annual Return – Leon needs a copy of the Annual Return that is filed with Corporate Registries.
  • Ralph will file the Annual Return with Corporate Registries and will provide a copy to Leon so he can file the Tax Exemption with the City.
  • Audit of the Financial Statements for the ERHA by an independent resource. Leon will provide the name of a person who will perform the Audit to Ralph and this will be completed and filed.

7. Next Meeting : Monday November 21, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

8. Meeting adjourned: 2020 h

Nancy Muzyka