Board Meeting Agenda


December 13, 2017


7:00 PM


Leon Pfeiffer, Ralph Bullis, Bill Teeple, Keray Henke, Nancy Muzyka



Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to Order at 1915h.
  2. Approval of Minutes – April 3, 2017. Moved accepted as circulated.
  3. Business Arising From The Minutes:
  • Bylaw Review – Leon will follow up with Gary Biasini for legal advice.
  • Administrator Position – remains vacant. Leon will approach a neighbour. Motion to increase stipend to $2400.00/year to be paid quarterly. Seconded by Nancy. Carried.
  • Fence Work – Kyle Becker will be contacted to follow up on work scheduled for this year. Leon will do a walkabout in the spring to determine the area to be rehabilitated this year. Also, there were a few post caps that have come off. Ralph is collecting these and we will have Becker Painting replace them in the spring. We will also purchase the caps to finish the few posts on walkways that were shorted last year.
  • If individual homeowners so desire, the caps can be purchased directly from: Hoover Fence Black plastic post cap 6 x 6, part number: NW298H-21
  1. Financial Report – Ralph
    Ralph provided a review of the expenditures for 2017. Fence upkeep was marginally higher than budgeted but offset by less expenses on grounds. Bulb and fixture replacements were done on entrance lights. The savings since moving to LED lights on timers has been substantial.
    Annual HOA dues – two remain outstanding. Both of these homeowners owe in excess of $700. Notices for 2018 will go out before the end of January. Those with outstanding fees after March 31, 2018 will be sent to lawyers and liens applied to the properties. Homeowners will be responsible for any associated legal fees.
    Reserve Fund - $215,000 at year end.
    Budget 2018 reviewed. Ralph made a motion to accept 2018 budget as presented. Bill seconded. Carried.
  1. New Business:
  • Newsletter – Nancy will prepare a newsletter to accompany invoices for annual dues. It will go out as hard copy for those with hard copy invoices, and as an e-mail attachment for those accepting e-mail invoices.
  • Telus Fiberoptic Remediation – A contact will be provided in the newsletter, for homeowners to contact Telus representative directly. The Board is not responsible for arranging remediation.
  • Reserve Fund Study – No major changes from 5 years ago. Wade Engineering completed the study. Ralph made a motion to accept the report as submitted. Seconded by Bill. Carried.
    It is noted that the entire perimeter fence has been remediated. We will continue to allocate funds annually and pursue continued upkeep.
    Ralph made a motion to maintain HOA dues at $175 for the coming year. Seconded by Leon. Carried.
    It is noted that a fee increase will need to be considered to homeowners who do not maintain the interior of their fence with resulting breakdown of perimeter and walkway fence. The Board recognizes that efforts to preserve the fence is negated when the interior of the boards are not maintained, and thus increase the need for replacement, and associated costs.
  • Walkabout – Leon will do a walkabout in the spring and look at fence issues, as well as landscaping/tree trimming needs. We will arrange for these to be done in the spring and summer months.
  • There remain several Board positions to be filled – from last year and the coming year. The maximum term, as set out in the bylaws, is three years. Ralph and Nancy were at the end of their terms in May, 2017. No homeowners have stepped up to assume positions. Ralph has continued as “Acting Treasurer” and Nancy has continued as Secretary. Leon will check with a lawyer with regards to the situation whereby no one offers to fill a position and retiring individuals continue to perform the tasks. We are not clear if there are any legal implications and will seek this information.
    Leon will have completed his 3 years as President in May, 2018.
    Vacancies as of May, 2018 will be: Administrator, President, Secretary and Treasurer.

NEXT MEETING: February 17, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.
Meeting adjourned at 2045 h

Nancy Muzyka, Acting Secretary