Board Meeting Agenda


December 20, 2022


7:10 PM


Sheyleen Pfeiffer, Leon Pfeiffer, Nancy Muzyka (virtual), Gary Biasini, Bill Teeple, Cathy Fuhr



1. Approval of Minutes  – Bill Teeple motion, Leon Pfeiffer second to approve. 

2. Website Review:
– Cathy Fuhr – email issued with password to Board of Directors to review for one week. Privacy policy, links to outside websites were discussed. If homeowners have not provided an email address to access member area, they will be instructed to contact the Board at for access.

3. Treasurer’s Report:

- $37069 bank balance. Outstanding invoices for Eagle Ridge Place Christmas decorations for front gate. Nancy provided motion to add $8,000 to Reserve Study. Bill Teeple move to approve financial report, Nancy Muzyka seconded.

4. Administrator Report :

– 48% of homeowner’s have issued 2023 payment ($32,311) with 136 homeowners remaining to pay. Verbal abuse has been directed to Administrator via email which will not be tolerated by any member of the Board. New procedures will be presented at next meeting to utilize a collection agency or lawyer to mitigate risk of abuse towards any Board Member. 

5. Fencing Update:

– Committee – Graffiti will be removed by Capital City Clean Up which can cost $750/household/year. Nancy is looking for support from Capital City Clean Up to mitigate these costs. No update from Fence Committee.

6. New Business:

– Proposal to have representatives from Eagle Ridge Place and Eagle Ridge Point attend ERHA meetings going forward. This was accepted to be proposed going forward.

7. Proposal to have an auto reply on ERHA email which states the issue will be brought to the Board at the next meeting on XXX date. Proposal was accepted. 

8. Christmas Lights for trees at Gate :

– Costs vary between $4,500 to $7,000 to hang lights for 4 trees. Proposal to bring this forward at the AGM to get homeowner input. 

9. Next meeting:

– January 24 Tuesday at 7pm at Cathy Fuhr’s residence.

Meeting adjourn at 8:30 pm. Motion to adjourn by Leon Pfeiffer, seconded by Bill Teeple. All approved.