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Spring 2017

The Eagle Ridge Homeowners Association is composed of volunteers who give their time and energy to support the homeowners and community of Eagle Ridge. The mandate of the Board is to uphold the Bylaws of the Association and in so doing, facilitate and promote the community of Eagle Ridge; maintain and properly protect the assets and properties of the Association; prepare and manage an annual budget; to set, levy, issue and collect levies; to maintain financial records and have them audited and filed; and many other duties outlined in the Bylaws of the Association. The Board does not serve to provide mediation between neighbors!

The Annual General Meeting will be held on
Tuesday May 9, 2017.
7:00 pm
Riverbend Library
Your attendance is important! Be informed!

A few reminders:

Bylaws and Covenants of the Association – it is important that ALL homeowners make themselves aware of the Bylaws and Covenants of the ERHA. As well, if you rent your property, you must ensure that renters are aware of the Bylaws and Covenants as well. You ARE responsible for your renters! Bylaws are available on the ERHA website.

We would like to highlight a few that are of particular importance at this time of year!

Yard Cleaning and Maintenance:

As a neighbor, we all share the responsibility of maintaining property that enhances the neighborhood of Eagle Ridge. Appropriate weeding, watering, and lawn mowing should be done. Garbage and unwanted items should be dealt with appropriately.


Please note that parking in the cul de sacs should be available for guests in the area! Use your driveway and garages for your vehicles!

Boat and Trailer Parking:

Recreation vehicles and commercial vehicles in excess of 3/4 ton capacity shall not be stored on any property for more than 48 hours unless in a garage. For more details see Appendix "A" of Bylaws: Restrictive Covenants, 2.3.5.

Fence Painting:

The custom project fencing (design and colour) and light fixture post is mandatory for all lots in the Eagle Ridge Subdivision.

Front Yards:

Fences at front yards will be prohibited except ornamental fencing to a maximum height 1.0 m or 3 ft. may be allowed when constructed in accordance with the design of a home.

Side Yards:

Fence heights are limited 1.8 m or 6 ft. high and are to be consistent with the visual character of the subdivision.

Fences are the responsibility of the builder or Individual homeowners to construct and maintain. The ERHA is responsible for the perimeter fencing (Rabbit Hill Road and Riverbend Road perimeter fencing). As well, the Board has undertaken the maintenance of walkway fencing. HOWEVER, OWNERS ON WALKWAYS AND/OR PERIMETER LOTS, WHO DO NOT MAINTAIN THE INTERIOR OF THE FENCE, WILL BE REQUIRED TO UNDERTAKE THE COSTS OF REPLACEMENT OF ROTTING BOARDS. Fences should be painted every 4-6 years depending on sun exposure.

The life of the fence is extended considerably when regular maintenance occurs – on both sides of the fence (yours and your neighbours). REPLACING FENCING IS VERY EXPENSIVE.

Please refer to section 4.3 in the Bylaws for more information.

Approved Paint Colours:

Boards -- Cascade Pewter: Deep Base 06801 - B3y - C1y - F8 /per 01 gallon
Posts & Beams -- Cascade Ebony: Clear Base 06804 - B13y /per 01 gallon

The Board has contracted with Becker Fencing to provide staining and remediation. We are constrained by budget, so carefully assess and determine the areas to be undertaken annually. Our experience with Becker Painting has been positive and so include his contact information: Becker’s Painting (587)723-1752,

Sump Pumps:

The City of Edmonton Bylaws require that sump pumps be on property and do not drain across sidewalks. They provide considerable hazard. Homeowners would be held LIABLE FOR INJURY. Please ensure that your sump pump drains appropriately.

Signage (Real Estate and Other) Please note that, as per the covenants of the ERHA, real estate signage can be displayed on your lot BUT NOT on perimeter fencing. Signage can be no more than 4 ft. and only “For Sale” or “For Rent” signs are permitted. See Article 2.3.6 in the Restrictive Covenants for further information. Please ensure that your realtor is aware of this.

Home Seller Responsibility:

As a homeowner selling, you are required to obtain an Estoppels Certificate from the Administrator prior to sale. New Owners must be made aware of the ERHA and the bylaws and covenants forthwith. Please ensure that your realtor or lawyer provides this information to buyers. You can contact the Administrator through the website.

Henderson Park Update:

Watch for community engagement meetings and PARTICIPATE – some type of housing development of the southwest corner of the park is proposed. It may be multi-story.

HOA Fees:

Your fees for 2017 should have been paid by March 31, 2017. If you have not yet paid, please contact the Administrator to arrange payment immediately.

Security/Neighbourhood Watch:

The ERHA Board has been advised that there have been car thefts in the area. There have been break-ins with property stolen from back yards, sheds, etc. Please take the time to know your neighbours and contact Edmonton Police Service if you notice any unusual or suspicious activity.

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