December 2017

Winter & Spring 2017-2018


WINTER & SPRING 2017-2018

AGM will be held in May. Watch for the date!
There will be several Board positions requiring volunteers.
Please consider giving a little time to your community.

Administrator required immediately. This is a paid position. Please contact ERHA Board for more information.

The Board requests that prompt payment be made. All homeowners are required to pay the fees. Late fees of 16% per annum are charged. BOARD VOLUNTEERS UNDERTAKE FEE COLLECTION.


Wade Engineering completed Reserve Fund Study. Details on the ERHA website.

TELUS Fiberoptic Remediation: please contact TELUS Customer Service (dedicated customer service for remediation issues) 780-960-9066 for concerns following line installation. IF problems persist, please e-mail


We will continue to maintain exterior property fence and walkway fencing. Homeowners are responsible for maintaining their fencing and encouraged to stain every 3-4 years.

Keeping your fence in good repair, allowing proper drainage, and replacing broken boards will extend the life of your fence – and your neighbours – for many years.

Paint colors are:

  • Cloverdale
  • Pewter 06801 Deep, B3y, C1y, F8 per 01
  • Ebony 06804 Clear, B13y per 01

The Board is considering a fee increase for those homeowners who do not maintain the interior of perimeter and walkway fences. Excessive board replacement and post replacement will be discussed with homeowners and additional fees may be applied.

ERHA has used Becker Painting Ltd. for the past several years and has found the work provided to be professional and efficient. Homeowners have used his company for fence painting. If interested, contact at 587-723-1752.

Renovation Guidelines:

There are specific roofing materials, exterior finishes, etc. that abides by the guidelines as outlined in the Architectural Guidelines and Bylaws of the Association. Please be aware of these. If you have questions or are planning an exterior redesign or product change that is not clearly identified in the guidelines, please contact the Board. Failure to comply may result in the homeowner being required to remove product and redo according to the bylaws.

It is the responsibility of the Homeowner to know what product/design is permitted. Many renovation and home building companies do not necessarily comply with the guidelines of ERHA.

Sump Pump:

Sump pumps MUST drain on to your own property. This is a City of Edmonton bylaw (Bylaw 16200, City of Edmonton). Water CANNOT run onto sidewalks, walkways or other common areas. This creates slippery surfaces (water, mud, ice) and homeowners can and will be fined.

**Sump pumps should not be attached to eavestrough downspouts. Homeowners are liable for injuries incurred on slippery sidewalks if their sump pump drains on to it.


Recreation Equipment and Commercial Vehicle Parking: Recreation vehicles and commercial vehicles in excess of 3/4 ton capacity shall not be stored on any property for more than 48 hours unless in a garage. For more details see Appendix "A" of Bylaws: Restrictive Covenants, 2.3.5.

“2.3.5 No recreational vehicles or trailers shall be parked or kept on any Subdivided Lot (unless inside a garage) for more than forty-eight (48) hours, without the prior written approval of the Approving Authority.”

Storage bins or Dumpsters for use during renovation will be permitted, provided it is for a short term and the Board is notified of the need and requested time.


Due to the high number of scavengers (birds, coyotes, small animals) in the area, we must request that garbage not be put out until, ideally, the day of garbage pick up. IF you need to put garbage out the NIGHT before, PLEASE ENSURE IT IS IN A BAG, INSIDE A GARBAGE CAN. Homeowners MUST clean up garbage that is opened by scavengers!

Theft and Vandalism:

There has been increased theft and vandalism in the area. Please notify the Edmonton Police if you are the victim of damage or loss.

Development in Henderson Park:

We continue to monitor information regarding the proposed development in Henderson Park. Information is difficult to obtain and “sketchy”. The area has been rezoned to allow for a multi-story complex, although we have not had confirmation that a multi-story building is being planned. HOWEVER, we have grave concerns about the development process and the impact on Eagle Ridge residents and land values.

The community is supposed to have opportunity for “community engagement” so we strongly encourage residents to be informed and to participate. Watch for signage advertising these opportunities.

The Ridge COmmunity League:

All residents of Eagle Ridge are encouraged to purchase a Community League Membership. They are available at: TRAC Office or online at Family $45, Single or Couple $35, Senior Single $25, Senior Couple $30. The Ridge Community League undertakes many projects in the neighbourhood (e.g. the snow bank rink in Henderson Park) and being a member entitles you to the use of the rinks in the area, Community League swim/facility use times at Terwillegar Rec Center, etc.

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