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The ERHA is composed of volunteers who give their time and energy to support the homeowners and community of Eagle Ridge.

Past newsletters and Board Meeting Minutes are available to all homeowners on the ERHA website:

You can contact the board via e-mail at:

AGM will be held in May. Watch for the date! Be a good neighbour and shovel your walk!

HOA ANNUAL DUES: All homeowners are required to pay the fees. Late fees of 16% per annum are charged. BOARD VOLUNTEERS UNDERTAKE FEE COLLECTION. OUTSTANDING FEES AFTER MARCH 31, 2020 WILL BE FORWARDED FOR COLLECTION AND LIENS APPLIED TO PROPERTY. Homeowners are responsible for legal costs.



Keeping your fence in good repair, allowing proper drainage, and replacing broken boards will extend the life of your fence – and your neighbours – for many years. Plan for spring remediation if your fence needs upkeep!

The Board is considering a fee increase for those homeowners who do not maintain the interior of perimeter and walkway fences. Excessive board replacement and post replacement will be discussed with homeowners and additional fees may be applied.

The Ridge Community League

All residents of Eagle Ridge are encouraged to purchase a Community League Membership. They are available at: TRAC Office (Tues and Wed. 9:00 a.m - 3 pm, Thurs. 4 pm-9 pm) or online at www.efcl.org. Family $45, Single or Couple $35, Senior Single $25, Senior Couple $30. The Ridge Community League undertakes many projects in the neighbourhood and being a member entitles you to the use of the rinks in the area, Community League swim/facility use times at Terwillegar Rec Center, etc. It also provides a discount on monthly passes or punch cards at Terwillegar Rec Center.

Renovation Guidelines

There are specific roofing materials, exterior finishes, etc. that abides by the guidelines as outlined in the Architectural Guidelines and Bylaws of the Association. Please be aware of these. If you have questions or are planning an exterior redesign or product change that is not clearly identified in the guidelines, please contact the Board. Failure to comply may result in the homeowner being required to remove product and redo according to the bylaws. It is the responsibility of the Homeowner to know what product/design is permitted. Many renovation and home building companies do not necessarily comply with the guidelines of ERHA.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps MUST drain on to your own property a minimum of 15 cm from any adjacent property, and a minimum of 30 cm from City property or right-of-way (Paragraphs 7 (b) & (c) of City of Edmonton bylaw 18093). Water CANNOT run onto sidewalks, walkways or other common areas. This creates slippery surfaces (water, mud, ice) and homeowners may be fined and may also be liable for injuries incurred on slippery sidewalks if their sump pump drains onto it. City of Edmonton policy with respect to sump pumps is covered by three documents: the current Drainage Bylaw, the Residential Lot Grading Guidelines, and the Lot Grading Issues document.

Eagle Ridge was fully developed before 2006 when the City began requiring subsurface water collected from the weeping tile to be connected into the City provided Storm Sewer service connection - which developers were subsequently required to provide on each new property. A sump pump however, is part of a building’s foundation drainage system and has been a requirement since 1988. Sump pump discharges hoses and/or splash pads must be used to prevent recirculation of subsurface water down the foundation wall, to minimize erosion, and to make certain the sump pump discharge complies with the Drainage Bylaw. If a sump pump discharge hose is used, it should be disconnected in the winter to prevent freezing in the hose. (Residential Lot Grading Guidelines page 20).

If homeowners encounter situations where, even in winter, a sump pump runs very frequently, causing concerns about City sidewalk icing from frequent discharge, page 10 of the Lot Grading Issues document describes how to resolve the icing problem. The City can offer homeowners a seasonal (indoor) connection permit, at no cost to the homeowner, for temporary relief during the winter months allowing the sump pump to be temporarily connected, in the basement of the home, to the sanitary sewer service. Once a homeowner has obtained such a permit, a licensed plumber will be prepared to make this seasonal, temporary connection (at the homeowners cost) for any home affected by this issue. Such a permit can be obtained by calling City of Edmonton Drainage service at 780-496-5576.

If homeowners encounter concerns about drainage or sump pump discharge on adjacent properties, the best practice for addressing these issues is to have a polite discussion with adjacent homeowners identifying the issue in an effort to positively explore solutions that are consistent with the City Drainage Bylaw and Guidelines and the ERHA restrictive covenant. Should repeated attempts to resolve this fail, (or any other similar issues with neighbouring property owners), homeowners can report any violations of City bylaws or policies to bylaw enforcement at 311 or report any violations of the ERHA restrictive covenant to a member of the ERHA Board.”

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