September 2016

Fall & September 2016


Fall & September 2016

The Eagle Ridge Homeowners Association is composed of volunteers who give their time and energy to support the homeowners and community of Eagle Ridge. The mandate of the Board is to uphold the Bylaws of the Association and in so doing, facilitate and promote the community of Eagle Ridge; maintain and properly protect the assets and properties of the Association; prepare and manage an annual budget; to set, levy, issue and collect levies; to maintain financial records and have them audited and filed; and many other duties outlined in the Bylaws of the Association.

2016-2017 Board:

President: Leon Pfeiffer
Treasurer: Ralph Bullis
Administrator: Terri Biasini
Secretary: Nancy Muzyka
Member: Bill Teeple, Keray Henke

Board Members are elected at the Annual General Meeting held in the spring of each year. All homeowners are notified of the AGM (via e-mail and neighborhood signage).

In an attempt to keep homeowners apprised of issues facing the ERHA, we are endeavoring to provide a newsletter 2-3 times/year, as well as regular updates, minutes of meetings, architectural guidelines, bylaws, etc. on the ERHA website. Please check the website regularly.

We also ask that you provide updated homeowner information, including e-mail contact information, to the ERHA Administrator via the ERHA website.

Architectural Guidelines:

We remind ALL homeowners who are planning renovations, re-roofing, or other modifications to review the Guidelines and contact the Board if you have any questions or concerns about your plans. There are several approved roofing products and colors – these must be adhered to. If you have exterior alterations planned, it is a good idea to check with the Board to ensure that they will comply with the guidelines outlined in the Architectural Guidelines and Bylaws of the Association.

Sump pumps:

It MUST drain on to your own property. This is a City of Edmonton bylaw. Water CANNOT run onto sidewalks, walkways or other common areas. This creates slippery surfaces (water, mud, ice) and homeowners can and will be fined. Prior to winter season, please ensure that your sump hoses are draining appropriately. Homeowners can be held liable for injuries incurred on slippery sidewalks if the sump pump drains on to it.

Recreation Equipment and Commercial Vehicle Parking:

Recreation vehicles and commercial vehicles in excess of 3/4 ton capacity shall not be stored on any property for more than 48 hours unless in a garage. For more details see Appendix "A" of Bylaws: Restrictive Covenants, 2.3.5.
2.3.5 No recreational vehicles or trailers shall be parked or kept on any Subdivided Lot (unless inside a garage) for more than forty-eight (48) hours, without the prior written approval of the Approving Authority.


Due to the high number of scavengers (birds, coyotes, small animals) in the area, we must request that garbage not be put out until, ideally, the day of garbage pick up. IF you need to put garbage out the NIGHT before, PLEASE ENSURE IT IS IN A BAG, INSIDE A GARBAGE CAN. Homeowners MUST clean up garbage that is opened by scavengers!

Homeowner Association Dues:

We have had the Bylaws reviewed by a lawyer. To be compliant with the bylaws, we will issue ERHA Dues statements prior to January 1, 2017 with payment due by March 1, 2017. After that date, late fees of 16% per annum, accrued monthly, will be charged. When statements are issued, we will also be asking for update on homeowner information so that we have complete records. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance with this.

In an effort to reduce costs, the Administrator will e-mail invoices. Some homeowners have requested “hard copies” and these will be mailed prior to January 1, 2017.

Payment can be made by cheque or e-transfer. The information will be provided on the statements at that time.

Eagle Ridge Place residents will continue to pay directly through their treasurer.

Fence Painting and Maintenance:

Please see Board Minutes for updates on completed painting and maintenance projects.

Homeowners are required to maintain their own fences. The ERHA has undertaken to maintain the EXTERIOR PERIMETER FENCE ONLY.
Homeowners MUST maintain the interior fence. The fence requires staining every 3-4 years. Because many residents do not maintain their fences, we have encountered higher than expected numbers of boards requiring replacement. Due to some homeowners obstructing drainage with boards/dirt/etc. boards and posts are rotting. THE REPLACEMENT OF POSTS WILL BE AT THE HOMEOWNER’S EXPENSE.

Many interior fences are showing neglect and we respectfully ask that you consider budgeting for your fence painting in the spring of 2017. It makes a considerable difference to the longevity of your fence (and your neighbor’s!).

Paint colors are: Cloverdale
Pewter 06801 Deep, B3y, C1y, F8 per 01
Ebony 06804 Clear, B13y per 01

ACT For Community/Henderson Park Development:

There have not been definitive plans provided regarding the development in Henderson Park. It has been strongly suggested that it may be either a low-income housing structure (the area has been zoned to allow for a multi-story complex) or possibly a seniors accommodation. We are supposed to have opportunity for “community engagement” so we strongly advise residents to participate. Henderson Park is not part of the ERHA, however, development will impact Eagle Ridge residents and land values.

Theft and Vandalism:

There has been increased theft and vandalism in the area. Car break-ins and property damage complaints have increased. Please contact Edmonton Police if you are the victim of damage or loss.

There also continues to be frequent vandalism of the bus shelters. IF YOU SEE ANY SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY IN THE AREA, PLEASE CONTACT EDMONTON POLICE SERVICE.


The Ridge Community League:

All residents of Eagle Ridge are encouraged to purchase a Community League Membership. They are available at: TRAC Office or online at Family $45, Single or Couple $35, Senior Single $25, Senior Couple $30. Jim Bradshaw is the President ( and Charlene Boyko is the Membership coordinator (

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